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December/2003, Vol. 2, Issue 4
  • Winning faceoffs often makes the difference

  • NHL vets know that faceoff success is vital

  • Impact! Look at the Top 10 faceoff men

  • Wigge: Don't ignore the importance of faceoff success

  • Ducks discovered how vital faceoff can be

  • In Vancouver, the Canucks draw on success

  • Montreal's Charron schooled in faceoff facts

  • Photo of the month

  • Back issues of Impact

  • Hard Check Trivia


    Hard Check Trivia
    Impact! Magazine

    This is for only the true hockey experts out there. All others, don't waste your time. You can also find this query and others in the Holiday 2003-04 edition of NHL Impact! magazine, distributed in arenas throughout the league.

    The goalies with the two longest single-season unbeaten streaks of all-time did it with the same franchise. Yet despite their dominance, they have earned only one Vezina Trophy between them. Name the tandem, the team they played for, and the length and years of their streaks.

    (Scroll down for the answer)

    Hard Check Answer

    Gerry Cheevers of Boston went 32 games (24 wins and eight ties) without a loss during the 1971-72 season. Pete Peeters, also of the Bruins, came within one game of tying the record, going unbeaten in 31 games (26 wins and five ties) in 1982-83. For his efforts, Peeters captured the Vezina that season.