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Rule 22 - Misconduct Penalties

22.1 Misconduct Penalty - In the event of misconduct penalties to any players except the goalkeeper, the players shall be ruled off the ice for a period of ten (10) minutes each. A substitute player is permitted to immediately replace a player serving a misconduct penalty. A player whose misconduct penalty has expired shall remain in the penalty box until the next stoppage of play.

22.2 Misconduct Penalty – Goalkeeper - Should a goalkeeper on the ice incur a misconduct penalty, this penalty shall be served by another member of his team who was on the ice when the offense was committed. This player is to be designated by the Manager or Coach of the offending team through the Captain.

22.3 Short-handed – A player receiving a misconduct penalty does not cause his team to play short-handed unless he also receives a minor, major or match penalty in addition to the misconduct penalty.

When a player receives a minor penalty and a misconduct penalty at the same time, the penalized team shall immediately put a substitute player on the penalty bench and he shall serve the minor penalty without change. Should the opposing team score during the time the minor penalty is being served, the minor penalty shall terminate (unless 15.4 is applicable) and the misconduct to the originally penalized player shall commence immediately.

When a player receives a major penalty and a misconduct penalty at the same time, the penalized team shall place a substitute player on the penalty bench before the major penalty expires and no replacement for the penalized player shall be permitted to enter the game except from the penalty bench.

22.4 Reporting – All misconduct penalties assessed for abuse of officials must be reported in detail to the League office.

22.5 Fines - A misconduct penalty imposed on any player at any time shall be accompanied with an automatic fine of one hundred dollars ($100).

22.6 Infractions – Refer to the Reference Tables – Table 9 – Summary of Misconduct Penalties for a list of the infractions that can result in a misconduct penalty being assessed (see specific rule numbers for complete descriptions).

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I've been getting frustrated lately, and the only thing keeping me sane was the team winning and other people stepping up and scoring. Then you just kind of let it go and realize you can end the series with one shot, that frustration goes away for a brief moment, and that's what happened.

— Montreal forward Max Pacioretty after scoring the OT winner in Game 4 -- his first career playoff goal -- to eliminate the Lightning and send the Canadiens into the second round