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Robbie Merrill
Hello to my NHL and Godsmack fans. This is Robbie Merrill, the one and only bass player from Godsmack, he he ha ha. I was recently approached by the NHL to do a blog for them. Me being a hockey fan, I was honored to do this.

The Band
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Gotta get this out...
Important safety tip

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December 2005

Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2006

Gotta get this out and
then I'll feel better...

EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT... MANCHESTER MONARCHS 6, BOSTON BRUINS 0. That's right nine players from last year's Monarchs team are on the Kings team and they made Boston look old. No emotion (NONE). Only Patrice Bergeron looked good. He was hitting everything in sight. Usually a guy banging around can create a spark.

The refs helped that out (I thought you could hit in this league). Bad call after bad call. Please can someone help our precious refs? Yes, they have a tough job; we just want to see some consistency. Watching the LA and Dallas games it was the same old story. Last game, Boston up 1-0 going into the 3rd period. Dallas had five power plays in the first two periods and at least three more and a 5-on-3 in the third. Brad Boyes lost his stick. He proceeded to check the guy with the puck in front of the net and he got called for it. A few minutes later the Bruins had a semi breakaway. Brad Isbister was mugged and no call.

Please, please let there be consistency. As a fan I feel like I am living in a bad dream and can't wake up. Although there is still time left, the Bruins are 8 points out of a playoff spot. Let's keep our heads up.

News from the Godsmack camp: Sully flew out to LA for the mixing and mastering and I smell a good CD coming out soon for my fellow Smackers.


Posted by The Robster @ 12:41 p.m.

Monday, Jan. 9, 2006

Important safety tip: Leave blocking shots to the pros

Fourth time is a charm.

I recently went back to my notes and noticed that I haven't covered the new NHL.

It has been about 30 games, so here goes... At first I was excited. Talk about jonesing, no hockey for over a year. Well almost, I got to see a couple of AHL games. Living near Manchester, NH, I was able to see the Monarchs play the Providence Bruins a couple of times. A few of my friends have season tickets there. Whenever the Baby B's played they gave me a call.

Since I am on the subject, lets babble a little bit about the Baby B's. Watching their prospects, Kevin Dallman caught my eye. He looks small, maybe a Don Sweeney type, but he had skills. Not a slight on him. Donny, you had a great career. So that being said Michael O'Connell brought him up this year. At times he was the best defenseman on the ice. I mean real consistent. I think they even had him playing at the point on the power plays. I have an idea... lets see if we put him on waivers, what will happen? He gets scarfed up by the very first team that could pick him and that would be the St. Louis Blues.

My friends, let's keep an eye out for him. In my eyes, another bad move. Don Sweeney had what, a 13-year year career? Kevin Dallman, a Don Sweeney-type with skills, huh?

Back to my first thought on the season, looking forward to the new rule changes and being curious. Knowing how talented the league was, it was interesting at first and then very boring. Feeling for the defenseman and especially the goalies there is a fine line on hooking and using your stick to take the puck away. Like giving a little tap on the elbow to knock the puck off his stick or checking him away from the goal crease.

In the old league you would get a five on three once in awhile, it was exciting. This year what we were seeing is two or three a game. Somebody is going to get hurt bad if the league does not make some minor adjustments. The penalty killing teams are collapsing way too low, not their fault. It is bound to happen with lots of time on the clock. Ouch!!

Flashback! I was playing defense one night. Watching a lot of games on TV and seeing the players step up and block shots, so I decided to block a shot. That was the last time I tried that. The puck hit my ankle as I was falling to the ice. I was screaming like a little baby. They call it just a stinger. If you have been stung by a bee before times the pain by 100 and it still doesn't give it justice. Watching the players limp back to the bench and seeing them bow over and over I now understand why. So when I see somebody winding up for a slap shot I get the hell out of the way and I am proud of it. That is called smart hockey = ).

Getting back now, the league officials are beginning to understand the situation and beginning to loosen up the reigns a little bit. All in all it has been a lot of fun to watch, that is if you are an Ottawa fan. Man they have a good team.

Alright my peoples, another time and another place.

Posted by The Robster @ 4:38 p.m.

Thursday, Jan. 5, 2006


What is up with my fellow 'Smackers and bloggers?

Are you ready for round number 3?

Let's start with a flashback. We were on tour with Metallica last fall and one of our stops was in Toronto. We had two shows there. As we all know the NHL had their lockout, but the injured player's could still work out at their practice facility.

I had my production manager make a few phone calls and with a little bit of this and that I was able to skate there. It was a hole in the wall place. Not what I would expect for an Original Six team, but hey whatever float's their boat.

So anyway the band arrived at the venue in the early morning. I got up around 8ish, wheeled and dealed for a ride. This place was about half an hour away, so I heard from three different people. I had no idea who was going to be there. I just knew I was going to skate. Maybe the equipment manager was going to skate around with me.

I got there late and nobody was out skating. I didn't care, just skating with the puck was fine with me. I got dressed and started to skate around when Tie Domi popped out and started to shoot his mouth off.

"Hey kid I hear your from Boston." I stop and say "ya I'm from Boston and I have one name for you (with my Boston accent)....Cam Neely."

He smiled and said he's good friend of his. As I was smiling we hit our stick's together and just started to skate and pass the puck around. A little while later Darcy Tucker came out. We all warmed up.

We did some drills and then they wanted to play this game. Pick your post or crossbar from about 10 to 15 feet out. If you hit the post they had to shoot at the same crossbar or post. If you missed you had to do a lap.

True story this is my claim to fame. I got to go first. I yelled right post, took a wrist shot and ding right off the post. Tie shoots and misses. He was yelling something as he did a lap. Darcy shoots and misses and gave me a look as he took off and did his lap. I am thinking to myself 'did I just do what I did and see what I am seeing?' Two NHL'ers doing a lap! I know they weren't expecting to do any laps. The joke was suppose to be on me.

So they got back huffing and a puffing when they said lets do it again. Soon I yelled out "left post!" and ding I hit it again. They both missed again. I am laughing out loud saying: "Is this all you've got"? I got the dirty faces again and they came back and now they were on a mission. Well my luck ran out. I yelled out crossbar and just missed it...I thought I heard the ding but there was no ding. I took off skating. After that I did like five or six laps.

By then the game wasn't fun to me anymore but I did get a good workout out of this and they were laughing all the way to the locker room. I must have done something right because they asked me back the next day.

OK my beautiful people another story another day. You will get Day 2 another time.

Oh, I forgot to talk about the band. We are still in LA finishing up recording. Drums, bass and most of the guitars are done. Few more leads and some vocals are left.

Shannon and I are hanging here for support and just in case there are any boo boos that we didn't know we did. The band wanted a live feel so we all tracked together. We would then listen to the drums to see if the feel, meaning tempos and attitudes, etc...and then the bass and so on and so on. Sometimes you miss some stuff so before we leave we take a good listen. Once the mixing and mastering is started you get what you get. All in all this band rocks when it comes to their instruments. It is pretty easy. Andy Johns is our engineer. Our engineer tries to find bad performances. He laughs about it because he can't find any.

So enough of the gloating, I am babbling way too much.

To all my 'Smackers and bloggers, you have a nice day.

Posted by The Robster @ 5:40 p.m.


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