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Elisha Cuthbert

About Elisha
My name is Elisha Cuthbert, born in Calgary, Alberta, but raised in Montreal, Quebec. Growing up in Canada opened my eyes to the world of hockey. My brother plays on two teams -- his school and city. My mother plays on a team as well. I, on the other hand, am just an actress who loves the sport and does not play -- but that doesn't mean I can't talk about it!

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The Art Of Booing
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Monday, Nov. 21, 2005

The Art Of Booing

Last night was one of the best games I've been to in a really long time. Not to mention, the Kings have been away for a while too! They played Colorado Avalanche and took the game, 4-3.

It's always great to see two teams with equal strengths go at it. Joe Sakic is a legend! I remember watching him and just thinking what a player he was -- not bad looking either -- but LA just really stepped up their game and played great defense when it mattered most. Mathieu Garon was making some strong saves and Sean Avery scored our second goal of the night. Somehow I feel like that might change things a little for him in the games to come. Watch out for Avery.

Last but not least, Pavol Demitra and his amazing hat trick won the game.

Now, here's where it gets even better: It just so happens the Staple Center was giving away free Kings hats that game and what does 38 do? He gets a hat trick and what do the LA fans do? We throw every hat onto the ice in the most triumphant way!

It was magical. I had never seen anything like it! At that point screaming just didn't feel good enough! Unfortunately, there were a few Colorado fans out there that threw food instead, but they got kicked out in the most enjoyable way. To top it all off, this little boy sitting in front of me went on to stick bubble gum on the seat of an Avalanche fan. Every time he got up it just got uglier. He was obnoxious so I didn't feel all that bad.

I'm telling you that was a game and a half!!

Now on to more complicated stuff like "The art of booing".

I'm going to be really honest, I boo, and I'm not going to lie about it. If another team scores and I'm not happy about it, you bet I'm going to start booing! If a penalty is called that I don't think is fair or if someone hits one of our guys, and it was dirty, again, I'm going to boo.

Although, recently I've been noticing some interesting booing going on and maybe you guys have too. How about when a player leaves a team and everyone's upset about it? Here's an example and a reason why I'm not sure if I'm all in to it! Last night against Colorado we remembered Ian Laperriere and his amazing years with the LA Kings, the fans cheered, and we let him play his game. In contrast, we see a player like Rob Blake, who also played for the Kings. Yet, we boo him every time he gets the puck. I understand why, their situations are very different. I just think we should boo when he comes out, let him know we're there, how we feel and let him play his game. Just a little modification that's all.

Now I was planning to write an entire blog on the subject of Todd Bertuzzi and who knows maybe I will. It's just that this whole situation has been really bothering me, but I know what a touchy subject it is. So, I write with my ideas and feelings because that's all I can do.

I'm just tired of the booing and I'm going to be really blunt about it. I think it needs to STOP. I know what Bertuzzi did was extremely tragic and that his actions changed the life of an innocent player. It's just that I'm sure he too has been hurt by this whole ordeal. He has to live with these events in his career that he can't change and I personally feel like he's paid enough.

Have we forgotten this player in the midst of all this drama? The player who was 23rd overall in the Entry Draft or that in 2000 he scored 25 goals for the Canucks and went on in '01 to score 36 and in '02 scored 46. I just don't want people to forget and stop appreciating this player for who he really is. If he's a monster, so is Tie Domi, George Parros, Dustin Brown or Jody Shelley. We know this not to be true.

It just pains me to see him have to deal with the non-stop harassment and of course the booing. I know not everyone feels this way and who knows maybe I'm the only one. Mind you, my mother feels that way and so do my friends.

If anything, maybe somehow Todd will see this and know that there are people out there that still see the great player and understand that fate can be an unfortunate thing sometimes. I wish I could receive blogs in response to mine, especially on subjects like these. Maybe I could learn more. All I can say is booing can be so monumental at times and yet so innocent at others, but our voices make an impact. Our cheers are carried. I just hope our minds aren't made up.

P.S. -- I encourage everyone to throw hats on the ice after any hat trick. LOL


Posted by Elisha @ 10:27 a.m.

Monday, Nov. 14, 2005

Very Superstitious

When do you stop and say "enough is enough"? How are we supposed to know when to let tradition continue or let fate be our guide? I personally don't let habit or superstitions get in the way of my everyday life. Yet, somehow when it comes to hockey, I am constantly bombarded with thoughts that maybe if I continue doing this or that, my single actions will affect the game and I'll make the guys win!! I'm insane ... or am I?

Let me continue by giving everyone some examples:

1) I've been having a hard time watching away games just because this one time I was working and couldn't pull myself away, we won. Ever since then, I'm afraid if I watch we're going to lose. The crazy and highly unusual thing is that so far so good.

2) OK, now that I think of it, that might be my only particular one, but somehow I've also found myself sucked into other people's rituals. Like eating at certain places before games and going to certain places afterward (depending on if we win or lose). I find this whole process very stressful.

At the same time, I am constantly amazed by the players and what they individually go through in order to play each game of the season. It's not just a routine, but a way of life for some of these guys. I thought I was bad and I'm not even playing!!!

Where along the way did they discover these habits? Like putting their left side equipment on first or not shaving or showering. I would not be surprised if it went even beyond that. I guarantee they're dragging their wives into this whole thing too. I'm going to ask them the next time I see them!!!

Look at me I'm slowly turning into a reporter! LOL

Really though, sometimes there's that player who will go for a stretch and then something will change. A GOAL. Then what? They have to remember everything they did that day and start all over. Like getting a coffee at Starbucks before the game and not just any Starbucks, but the one on the corner next to Riteaid, just 'cause they scored.

Who knows? Maybe there's a ton of players out there that just don't even bother with all that. Maybe all they think about is playing the best they can, remembering what the coach told them and just letting fate take its course.

It's amazing, how as little boys, they grow up on the ice and for the most part that's all that really matters to them. Driving to the games, suiting up, sitting on the bench, playing, winning or losing, showering (thank God) and then the drive back home. Until the next game that is.

I suppose that's a routine in itself. Acting was always different for me. New projects, new call times, new directors, actors, crew and always a new character. So it was hard to stay the same. The one thing though, whether it be hockey, acting, whatever, there's always room to grow and be better.

I can say this: I never really enjoyed watching my own work. Going back and reviewing it. Not that I thought anything of it, it's just that I was there and lived it. It's almost a weird feeling to explain, but I can imagine for players it would be important.

Superstitions are an amazing thing, but what's even more amazing is that in writing this blog I think I realized something. Whether these guys have them or not, hockey isn't just a physical sport, it's mental. If their minds aren't in the game, in some ways or another, their bodies can't be.

Maybe this is what it comes down to. Maybe this is where the hockey superstition was born. Hey, if me not watching the away games makes us win, I'm all for it!!! (Great, now that I just said that, everything is going to change!) LOL

Until the next one, keep up all those superstitions!!!

P.S. The Kings better get home soon, I'm dying to watch a hockey game!!!!!

Posted by Elisha @ 10:46 a.m.

Friday, Nov. 11, 2005

The Canadian dream

For most Canadian kids you've got one option, if you're a girl you figure skate and if you're a boy in Canada you play hockey. At least in my house you did, as well as all the other families growing up around me. You do it as far as you can take it. To the best of your ability and in the middle of the night you dream of that perfect triple axel in the Olympic arena. Or becoming the next Great One!!

I gave up on that dream when I was 9 just because I had other plans in mind. My ideas of figure skating were a little different, they also included a film crew and craft services. Aside from that though, everywhere you turn, someone's on the ice.

I think about my life growing up and the path that I took, and I'm constantly amazed at how little I was, when I knew what I wanted to do in life. I wonder if that happened for most pro players out there. I asked a friend not to long ago how and when he thought he knew he was going to play pro? His answer, "always."

It's funny how life works, and that all those young Canadian boys out there are playing, hoping and dreaming that maybe one day they'll be playing in the NHL. Along with all those girls and their figure skates. Sometimes you have to imagine it's more than that, and whether you make it that far or not, it was worth the time and energy you put into it.

Why does my mother play? She's in her mid 40's (don't worry mom, I won't tell everyone how old exactly). But her answer, "Keeps me busy, keeps me healthy and I just have fun." If I were to sit down right now and break down all the reasons why I do what I do, sure there would be a lot of them, but the one that makes it all worthwhile: FUN. It's just a hell of a lot of fun.

Maybe in my next life I'll come back as a hockey player. LOL.

Or maybe not!!!

Maybe my 14-year-old brother will go pro one day and I'll get free season tickets!! You never know. Maybe the L.A. Kings will make it to the playoffs. We'll see!! And just so everyone knows, I am following the Kings this year!

I live in L.A., but I love hockey as a sport! I follow players. The Habs are where my family is and I think Calgary is pretty strong -- hey, I was born there! I've got a friend who plays for Vancouver, and one who plays for the Blue Jackets and another in Phoenix. So I guess you could say I'm all over the place. I'm going to stick to L.A. though. Just to go back to all that other stuff, though, whether Canadians like it or not, we're making some damn-good hockey players. Not to mention actors too!!! What can I say, "It's the Canadian dream."

Posted by Elisha @ 11:43 a.m.

Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2005

Hockey is back!

Well I guess you could say I'm a little late on that statement, considering the season is already in full effect. Although I can't stop thinking of how I ever got by while it was gone. As the year went on, my 14 year old brother continued playing for his city team and school. My mother continued on her women's team as if it had never left.

I suppose if you weren't playing pro, you never felt it get taken away without saying so. I can't imagine Hollywood packing up their bags and leaving! What would i do? I guess I'd do some local plays, anything to fill the void that is my passion.

I'm proud to say in some ways that's exactly what most pro players did. Overseas and in other leagues. Good for them!!! But some didn't. I'm fortunate enough to have a handful of friends who do play pro, and I won't name names but I'll tell you this, they were getting antsy! I kept thinking, 'Someone get these guys back on the ice!!!'

I guess everything at some point needs to grow and hockey is no exception. The rules are a little different, the game's a little quicker, not to mention all that new blood. Hockey as we know it is back!! And I have no problem with that. he he

I'm also proud to say I have purchased my season tickets, along with all the many die hard hockey fans out there. Now everyone knows were my hard earned dollars go. Along with the merchandise, hotdogs, candy corn, hats, parking, McDonald's, flags, beer, bottled water ... mmmm ... candy corn I could go for some (lets not talk about that right now)!! he he. No, really I need to start slowing down on the food. I have a whole season ahead of me!

I try really hard after the games not to make too many comments about how I thought the guys preformed. I mean I don't know how I'd feel if one them came up to me after a scene and said, "I don't know if that was believable enough." Then again, who am I kidding? I sneak in comments all the time, for example: "Nice game, not so much, why did you fight him? That wasn't right, if I were you I would of knocked him out, too!!!" Then there's the little pep talks like, "Your nose doesn't look that bad dude, the girls won't notice" and "Who needs that tooth anyway?"

I'm just kidding.

Really though, hockey is back, and that's all that matters!

P.S. -- Is it just me or am I really hearing the refs? LOL

Posted by Elisha @ 3:28 p.m.


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