North American Skater
HEIGHT: 6' 2"
Weight: 216
Born: 11/02/1989
Mid Term Rank: 7
Nationality: Canadian
Club: Kelowna
League: WHL

NHL Director of Central Scouting, E.J. McGuire
Luke Schenn is the teammate and sometimes defense partner with fellow 6’7" draft prospect Tyler Myers. Between Schenn’s size (6’3") and ability and Myers’ height, they are like the lions guarding the gate at the library and the Kelowna Rockets are the benefactor of that. A big strong defenseman that he might compare with is (Ed) Jovanovski. He has a tough edge to him, he has the ability to, if caught up ice, to work hard and get back in time to recover."

Areas to Improve: "(He needs to improve) his decision making, in other words, Schenn sometimes gets carried away with his own enthusiasm, his own aggressiveness and gets caught out of position. He is good enough at the junior level to recover and will soon be good enough at the pro level to recover, but its best that he learns how not to have to recover so frequently."

Outlook: "Luke can play a mean game and he plays a tough NHL-style defense that is guaranteed to get him a long hard look and career in the National Hockey League."

Kelowna Rockets head coach Ryan Huska
"We rely on Luke in all of our key situations in our own zone. He's the guy that we look to settle things down and to play with composure. He's very good at staying composed and not panicking under pressure. I think that has led him to gain a lot of notoriety right now for being one of the better defensemen in our league. He is a physical defenseman, he likes to make sure that he finishes his checks and finishes checks hard . . . he plays physical and he's at his best when he is physical and making opponents aware of when he's on the ice."