North American Skater
HEIGHT: 6' 3"
Weight: 194
Born: 04/24/1990
Mid Term Rank: 8
Nationality: Canadian
Club: Brandon
League: WHL

On his style of play:  I find myself a very offensive defenseman.  I've been trying to pick up my game defensively as well as finishing my check.  And I just like to go out there and handle the puck and set guys up.


On patterning his game after Rob Blake:  I've been told that Rob Blake is a guy that I could kind of be like if I just stepped up my contact game.  He's the guy who goes out and sets up plays and passes and that's how I'd like to be.


On getting his start in hockey:  I was three years-old; my parents bought me my first pair of skates.  My parents were good friends with the caretaker of the local rink who would let me in once in a while and skate around.  I started playing when I was four. It's every kid's dream to watch everyone lift the Stanley Cup -- that's just what I wanted to do.


On his most memorable childhood Stanley Cup memory:  Every year I'd get a bunch of buddies over for the Stanley Cup Finals and we'd watch.  Just watching at the end of the game the team that wins, the emotion they go through and all that stuff. It makes you want to do it some day.


On shutting down the opponent’s top players:  It makes you feel good, shutting down the good forwards, the quick little guys who think they can blow by you because you're a big guy. 


On superstitions and his pre-game routine:  I have to have my two-hour pre-game nap every day.  That is a big thing for me.  In the dressing room, when I take my stick, me and my teammate Matt have to use the same scissors when we cut the tape off our stick.  We're not allowed to let anyone else use those scissors.


On his parents:  My parents have had the biggest influence on my career.  They've given up so much to make me live my dream or want to live my dream.  My mom works three jobs so we can afford all those expensive hockey trips and all that.  And my dad drives long hours getting us to the rink.


On playing for Brandon in the WHL: It's been one of those dreams come true.  I live close to Brandon so my family would pack up on a Friday night and drive down to Brandon and watch a weekend game.  That's what we did when I was little.  And then to throw on the jersey for the WHL now, and watch my parents come to the game to watch me is a big accomplishment for myself.


On spending time away from the rink:  I think I'm a pretty shy, quiet guy.  I like to go out and have fun with friends.  But I like to just have my own time to just sit and watch TV or play video games and that type of stuff.


On his thoughts about the Draft:  Just thinking about it makes me very nervous and very excited.  But it's a long ways to go, and I still have half the season to play.  So I put it in the back of my mind and just go out and play and try to be the best that I can be. 


On the one movie he would choose to be in:  If there is one movie I'd be in it would be in one of the "Mighty Ducks" movies.  Those were my favorite movies growing up as a kid.  It always made you want to grow up and grab a puck or a stick and a ball and go shoot a couple pucks.


On his favorite video game:  My favorite video game right now is Guitar Hero.  It's the one thing all the guys on the team come over for to play.