The Presidents Trophy is an award presented to the team that finishes with the most points in the league during the regular season. If two teams tie for the most points, then the trophy goes to the team with the most wins.
The trophy was introduced at the start of the 1985Ð86 NHL season by the leagues Board of Governors. Prior to this, the best team in the league during the regular season was allowed to hang a banner stating "NHL League Champions"
2014-2015: Rangers Canadiens
2013-2014: Bruins Ducks
2012-2013: Blackhawks Penguins
2011-2012: Canucks Rangers
2010-2011: Canucks Capitals
2009-2010: Capitals Sharks
2008-2009: Sharks Bruins
2007-2008: Red Wings Sharks
2006-2007: Sabres Red Wings
2005-2006: Red Wings Senators
2003-2004: Red Wings Lightning
2002-2003: Senators Stars
2001-2002: Red Wings Bruins
2000-2001: Avalanche Red Wings
1999-2000: Blues Red Wings
1998-1999: Stars Devils
1997-1998: Stars Devils
1996-1997: Avalanche Stars
1995-1996: Red Wings Avalanche
1994-1995: Red Wings Nordiques
1993-1994: Rangers Devils
1992-1993: Penguins Bruins
1991-1992: Rangers Capitals
1990-1991: Blackhawks Blues
1989-1990: Bruins Flames
1988-1989: Flames Canadiens
1987-1988: Flames Canadiens
1986-1987: Oilers Flyers
1985-1986: Oilers Flyers