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Wild Look-A-Likes

by Glen Andresen / Minnesota Wild
They say that a lot of hockey players can walk down a busy city street, and nobody will notice that they're famous. That's not true for several Minnesota Wild players. Even if they're not recognized as our local hockey heroes, they might be mistaken for some other famous faces.

Armed with a facial recognition system, a panel of look-a-like experts, and Google image search, we reveal several Wild personalities and their celebrity look-a-likes:

Cal Clutterbuck/ Clark Gable: With the stache, Cal Clutterbuck went old school and looked like the debonair Clark Gable.
Cal Clutterbuck/ Collin Farrell: But if you ask Cal who he looks like, he'll say Colin Farrell. There may be a slight resemblance.

Chuck Kobasew/ Brad Pitt: The number one rule about Celebrity look-a-likes is YOU DON'T TALK ABOUT CELEBRITY LOOK-A-LIKES!

Mikko Koivu/ Saku Koivu: As if their resemblance wasn't enough of a coincidence, these two guys share a last name! And, they're both Finnish. Unbelievable.
Aaron Sickman/Deputy Travis Junior: One guy handles the media at Xcel Energy Center. The other handles crime on the streets of Reno, Nevada.

Niklas Backstrom/ Eric Bana: Bana fought Brad Pitt in the movie, TROY. I'm sensing a re-creation of that fight for with Backstrom and Kobasew starring.
James Sheppard/ James Vanderbeek: I'm sensing another video feature. James Sheppard screaming, "I don't WAHNT your LAIFE!"

Guillaume Latendresse/ Justin Morneau: Latendresse is now sporting a full beard, but with the goatee and the helmets, both look like they can mash the ball.
Clayton Stoner/ Colton Gillies: Quick. Which one is Stoner and which one is Gillies?

Bob Kurtz and Tom Reid/Grumpy Muppets: Two of these guys love to make each other laugh. The other two are actually puppets.
Josh Harding/ Big Earl: These two don't look alike in real life, but when these photos are next to each other? Maybe just a little.

Robbie Earl/ Tiger Woods: One day, I had to do a google image search when the Wild called up Robbie Earl.This one on the left was one of the first that popped up.
Eric Belanger/ Stephen Colbert: They also have French-sounding last names.

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