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Wild Dogs

by Staff Writer / Minnesota Wild

Wild GameDay

Photo Gallery: Lucy

For dog owners, there’s no better part of the day than coming home from work or school, and seeing that four-legged friend trot to the door with a wagging tail and a raised head ready for a pat.

Our dogs treat us like celebrities when they see us, but they’re not looking for an autograph or a photo. They just want to hang with us and show us how fast they can run in a circle.

Minnesota Wild players are no different than us when it comes to loving their furry friends. Their pooches don’t yell at them, or get upset over a loss and have most likely never booed them. They treat all of their owners like they average five goals a game and win the Hart Trophy every season.

For the remainder of this season, will learn about Wild players and the special relationships they have with their cuddly canines.

Our first installment features James Sheppard and his dog, Lucy, a border collie-Labrador mix that watched James develop his hockey skills on the street in front of his childhood home.

Name: Lucy

Owner: James Sheppard

Breed: Border Collie-Labrador mix

Age: 13

Residence: Chester, Nova Scotia

The First Day: My dad never wanted a dog just because he thought it would be too much hassle. He went for a fishing trip one weekend, so the rest of the family went up to a place about a half hour away after seeing an ad in the paper for puppies. We went out there on the way to one of my junior games, and the first thing the puppy ever did was come to a hockey game with us.

Hockey Dog: My friends and I used to play street hockey all of the time, so whenever we missed the net, she’d always go chase the ball and bring it to us, although, it usually took some time for her to give it up. She liked to sit on the grass, and be around my friends and me.

No Dog Is Perfect: She used to be afraid of the stairs when she was young. One thing she liked to do was eat the garbage. If there were food wrappers in the garbage, she’d always find them. When we’d come home and open the door, she’d be waiting at the top of the stairs. If she ran with her tail between her legs into the corner underneath the coffee table, then we would know that she had been the garbage and we’d have to search around the house for whatever she found.

The Player-Doggy Bond: I was the one who asked for the dog, and she’s my dog. Whenever I was playing junior, she’d take the ride in the car and come see me. When I go back now, she’s getting kind of old, but we still sit outside and hang out together.
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