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Wild Dogs: Simon Brunette

by Glen Andresen / Minnesota Wild

For dog owners, there’s no better part of the day than coming home from work or school, and seeing that four-legged friend trot to the door with a wagging tail and a raised head ready for a pat.

Our dogs treat us like celebrities when they see us, but they’re not looking for an autograph or a photo. They just want to hang with us and show us how fast they can run in a circle.

Minnesota Wild players are no different than us when it comes to loving their furry friends. Their pooches don’t yell at them, or get upset over a loss and they have most likely never booed them. They treat all of their owners like they average five goals a game and win the Hart Trophy every season.

For the remainder of this season, will learn about Wild players and the special relationships they have with their dogs.

Last time, we met Gwendolynn, John Scott’s Pomeranian/Toy Poodle mix. Our fourth installment features Andrew Brunette and his Golden Retriever, Simon.

Name: Simon

Owner: Andrew Brunette

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: around 3 years old

Residence: Woodbury, Minnesota

Good Deeds Lead To Good Dog
: When we were in Denver, we had another golden, Ginger. She had a heart problem and passed away during surgery. It was a tough time for my wife and I. My wife (Lorie) had a real tough time with it so she got involved with Golden Retriever Rescue.

So our house became a kind of kennel as were a foster home for the dogs that were sick or were waiting for homes. Every time I went on the road, I’d come back and there would be a new dog there. We had dogs in and out it seemed like every couple weeks.

Simon came along after he had been hit by a car and needed to have surgery. The organization that she’s involved with brought Simon to Lorie and he stayed with us while he couldn’t move from the titanium rod that was put in his leg. He was hurting pretty good, and he stayed for a couple months.

I kind of knew that we’d end up keeping him. He kind of overstayed his stay and just grew into the family. She had a really hard time saying goodbye to the one that left before Simon, so I kind of figured that Simon was here to stay.

A Full Recovery: He’s completely healthy now and does everything that a dog does. He’s back to being a dog again.

 He’s a swimmer. He loves swimming up at the lake at our cabin. Our other Golden was  a little more attached to us. Simon’s a pretty independent guy that does his own thing, which I kind of like.

You open the door in the summer and he just does his thing – chasing squirrels. Sometimes I’ll be working out in the house and I’ll look out the window to the lake and there’s Simon swimming all the way across the lake. He always makes his way back, but he’s definitely on his own schedule. He’s an interesting guy.

Lorie, The Dog Whisperer: When we first had him, he wasn’t trained very well, so it took a good couple months to get him trained. He probably had never been walked on a leash or came when he was asked to come. We had a bunch of obedience classes that we had to do, but my wife trained him to be a rescue dog that visits hospitals.

Lorie’s probably the Dog Whisperer in our family. He kind of follows her around a little more because I’m gone so often. I think he knows when it’s summer and I won’t be going anywhere because he’ll follow me around a little more in the summer.

The Pooch and Player Bond: He’s always in a good mood. The thing about dogs is they’re always happy to see you no matter what happens. He’s part of our family, and to have that companionship and friendship is really special. They’re awesome animals to have.
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