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Wild Dogs - Caymus Schultz

by Glen Andresen / Minnesota Wild

Wild GameDay

Lucy - James Sheppard

Photo Gallery: Wild Dogs

For dog owners, there’s no better part of the day than coming home from work or school, and seeing that four-legged friend trot to the door with a wagging tail and a raised head ready for a pat.

Our dogs treat us like celebrities when they see us, but they’re not looking for an autograph or a photo. They just want to hang with us and show us how fast they can run in a circle.

Minnesota Wild players are no different than us when it comes to loving their furry friends. Their pooches don’t yell at them, or get upset over a loss and have most likely never booed them. They treat all of their owners like they average five goals a game and win the Hart Trophy every season.

For the remainder of this season, will learn about Wild players and the special relationships they have with their cuddly canines.

Last week, we met Lucy, James Sheppard’s border collie/Lab mix. Our second installment features Nick Schultz and his dog, Caymus, a West Highland white terrier that has been with Nick and his wife, Jessica, for six years, and welcomed their two children.

Name: Caymus

Owner: Nick Schultz

Breed: West Highland white terrier

Age: 6

Residence: Edina, Minnesota

Caymus’ Arrival: Jessica was my girlfriend at the time and she moved down here. She grew up with a dog and she’s always been a “Westie” lover. So we did a little bit of research and drove down to Iowa and brought her home.

It seems like getting the dog and taking care of it is the thing to do before you have kids. You start with a dog. It’s a big responsibility. You go from looking after yourself to looking after something that depends on you for everything. So I think it’s something good to do before you get to the stage of kids.

Training Days: We trained her in a condominium in Minneapolis. We got her at the beginning of the season so it’d be freezing cold when we took her out, and we were taking her out every five minutes. We’d bring her all the way down, she wouldn’t pee, so we’d bring her back up and she’d pee in the hallway. So then you clean that up, bring her back out, won’t pee again, bring her back in, she pees as soon as she gets in on the rug.

It definitely would have been easier if we had a house because training in an apartment or a condo is tough. We had newspapers set up all over the place and it was just a mess.

We took her to a dog obedience school and we were doing everything. Westies seem to have their own personalities, so she didn’t really catch on too well to the “heel” command.

Squirrel!: We’ve got a new house now with a big, fenced-in backyard so we’ve got lots of squirrels and rabbits rippin’ around that cause all kinds of havoc with her. We also back onto a pond so we’ve got some frogs that come up there at night. She’s not too smart, so she keeps going after the frogs and they emit some kind of poison and spray her in the face. She’ll be just dripping from the poison.

There’s a lot of action in the back yard.

Favorite Things: She loves being outside. Everyday, after the kids get up from their nap, we all go out for a walk. So now, as soon as the kids get up, she’s downstairs stretching and getting ready to go. Otherwise, she never leaves our side and if the kids are playing, she’s always right there. She’s a good family dog.

She’ll sit and lay down. My brother taught her how to shake a paw. If you howl, or yell “cock-a-doodle-doo,” she’ll start howling.

For her size, she’s a good watchdog. When someone knocks on the door, or she hears something, she’s on high alert. She does a pretty good job of protecting the house.

The Pooch and Player Bond: Dogs just love you to death. You come home and the tail’s wagging and they’re jumping up and down. I can go into the garage for two minutes and when I come back in, it’s like I’ve been gone for two days. It’s fun because they are truly man’s best friend.

When I get back from the road, it’s usually 2:00 AM and she comes barreling down the stairs and she’s so happy to see me. Now we’ve got kids, but it’s good for our kids to grow up with a dog and have a pet around, so it’s fun.
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