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The R.S.S. Feed: Nov. 11, 2009

by Ryan Stanzel / Minnesota Wild
1:00 pm, ET

There's nothing like a little Smokey Robinson to get you in the mood for hockey practice. No, it's not the latest Josh Harding music choice - the Times Forum is holding a S.R. Tribute on Ice tonight. Just watched eight skaters do the finale to "Cruisin'."

We're about to hop on the bus for the practice rink. As I've said before, players love the "dress and drive." Reminds them of their childhoods. We're about a 15 minute drive from the practice rink here.

It was a late one last night - anytime the morning paper beats you to the hotel door, it's not good. We got to our Tampa hotel about 3:30 am. There was a brief delay before getting off the plane, as we were told customs was going to board the plane. But we'd already cleared customs in Toronto so after some nice work by our pilot, Jamie we were on our way.

Things are pretty loose after the win last night. Josh Harding has taken to calling me Dwight, as in Dwight from the office. So I walked into the locker room today to the following picture on the board. Dwight saying "1:10 bus".

Don't forget to follow us on, where the guess the mustache contest takes place all week. Winners get an autograph and a chance to win tickets.

Rainy and humid day in Tampa, after remnants from Tropical Storm Ida yesterday.

Talk to you tomorrow on gameday. And no I'm not going to Smokey Robinson tonight.

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