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Skills Competition 2010

by Glen Andresen / Minnesota Wild

We are set to go with the Minnesota Wild Skills Competition, and we will post the results of the events right here.


Wild GameDay

Wild TV: Shootout
Shane Hnidy was crowned 'King of the Shootout' but Team Green clinched the win in the shootout

Wild TV: Slapshot
Cal Clutterbuck fired a shot 99 mph to be named the hardest slapshot

Wild TV: Accuracy
Kim Johnsson pegs 4 targets in five shots to win the accuracy contest

Wild TV: Puck Control
Team Green takes the early lead by winning the puck control relay

Wild TV: Rapid Fire
Marty Havlat shows his scoring touch by winning the rapid fire contest

PONDcast: Skills Competition

Photo Gallery: Skills Competition
Shootout: Hnidy gets the style point, but Team Green emerges victorious.

The final event will be an 11-round shootout. Every goal will count, and one point will be awarded for style points.

Holl: save

Faust: save

Bjugstad: goal - Team Green

Housley: goal - Team Red

Scott: wipeout

Gilbert: save

Schultz: save

Zanon: another wipeout

Sheppard: pipe

Earl: miss

Ebbett: save

Hnidy: goal - Team Red

Zidlicky: save

Johnsson: goal - Team Red

Clutterbuck: save

Brodziak: save

Havlat: goal - Team Green

Burns: save

Nolan: goal - Team Green

Brunette: save

McDonald: save

Latendresse: save

Miettinen: save

Koivu: save

Rapid Fire: Team Green gets another point as Schaughnessy earns the win.

Hopkins goaltender Alex Fons will man the net for Team Red. Hill-Murray's Tim Schuaghnessy will tend goal for Team Green.

Bjugstad rips six goals past Fons.

Housley beats Schaughnessy on three shots.

Ebbett scores three goals on Fons.

Hnidy puts just one goal in on

Schultz can only find the net once on Fons.

Brunette scores one goal on

Havlat is the final shooter for Team Green, and he scores four times.

Koivu is the final shooter of the event. He also scores four goals.

Hardest Shot
: Clutterbuck gains a Team Green point by hitting 99 mph. Team Green also wins the overall point to take a 5-2 lead.

For Team Green, Justin Holl tops out at 86 mph.

For Team Red, Joe Faust hits 84.3

Nolan hits 92.5 on his first, and 93.5 on his second.

Latendresse hits 92.3 on his first, and 89.0 on his second, followed by a smattering of boos.

John Scott cranks it up to 93.9 and 96.9 to sit as the early leader.

Shane Hnidy hits 91 on his first, and 91.9 on his second.

Belanger hits 94.5 on his first shot and 93.4 on his second.

Kyle Brodziak hits 90.8 on his first and 92.7 on his second.

In the final round, Clutterbuck hits 0.0 on his first shot, but hits 96.9 on the re-try. He then takes the lead on his second attempt by hitting 99.

Boogaard tries to match him by hitting 96.4, but falls to 93.9 on his second shot.

Accuracy Shooting: Team Green and Team Red both get a point. Green for total targets hit, and Red for Johnsson's 4-for-5.

John Scott and Andrew Ebbett are the passers for Team Green. Earl and Burns will pass for Team Red. 

Gina McDonald is up first. She hits four targets in eight shots.

Julia Gilbert hits two targets in eight attempts.

Owen Nolan is up next for Team Green. He hits three targets in eight.

Andrew Brunette is up for Team Red. He hits all four in just seven shots.

Antti Miettinen is up for Team Green, and he matches Bruno by drilling four targets in seven shots.

Kim Johnsson is the leader in the clubhouse, hitting four targets in five shots.

Martin Havlat is the final shooter for Team Green. He hits four of seven.

Koivu is the final shooter for Team Red. He hits four in six attempts.

Puck Control Relay: Team Green Wins, 2-1

Team Green gets the first point as Irondale's Gina McDonald, Minnetonka's Justin Holl and Blaine's Nick Bjugstad edge Proctor/Hermantown's Julia Gilbert, Stillwater's Wilson Housley and Jefferson's Joe Faust.

Another point for Team Green as Eric Belanger and Mikko Koivu run the anchor legs. Koivu stumbles, so Belanger, Sheppard and Schultz get the victory.

Team Red gets on the board as Robbie Earl, Brent Burns and Guillaume Latendresse easily take care of Andrew Ebbett, Marek Zidlicky and Cal Clutterbuck.

# Name Position Height Weight Date Of Birth Age Birth Place
32 Niklas Backstrom G 6' 1" 189 Feb 13, 1978 31 Helsinki, FIN
25 Eric Belanger   F 5' 11" 187 Dec 16, 1977 32 Sherbrooke, QC, CAN
22 Cal Clutterbuck   F 5' 11" 213 Nov 18, 1987 22 Welland, ON, CAN
16 Andrew Ebbett   F 5' 9" 174 Jan 2, 1983 27 Calgary, AB, CAN
14 Martin Havlat  F 6' 2" 217 Apr 19, 1981 28 Mlada Boleslav, CZE
20 Antti Miettinen   F 6' 0" 190 Jul 3, 1980 29 Hameenl, FIN
11 Owen Nolan   F 6' 1" 214 Feb 12, 1972 37 Belfast, IRL
55 Nick Schultz   D 6' 1" 200 Aug 25, 1982 27 Strasbourg, SK, CAN
36 John Scott   D 6' 8" 258 Sep 26, 1982 27 St. Catharine's, ON, CAN
51 James Sheppard   F 6' 2" 210 Apr 25, 1988 21 Halifax, NS, CAN
3 Marek Zidlicky   D 5' 11" 190 Feb 3, 1977 32 Most, CZE

High School Players:
Gina McDonald - Irondale (F)
Justin Holl - Minnetonka (D)
Nick Bjugstad - Blaine (F)

Alex Fons - Hopkins (G)

College Goalie: Stu Van Ess

Coaches: Mike Ramsey, PJ DeLuca

# Name Position Height Weight Date Of Birth Age Birth Place
24 Derek Boogaard   F 6' 8" 257 Jun 23, 1982 27 Saskatoon, SK, CAN
21 Kyle Brodziak   F 6' 2" 209 May 25, 1984 25 St. Paul, AB, CAN
15 Andrew Brunette   F 6' 1" 210 Aug 24, 1973 36 Sudbury, ON, CAN
D 6' 5" 219 Mar 9, 1985 24 AJAX, ON, CAN
F 6' 1" 195 JUN 2, 1985 24 CHICAGO, IL, USA
37 Josh Harding G 6' 1" 197 Jun 18, 1984 25 Regina, SK, CAN
34 Shane Hnidy   D 6' 2" 204 Nov 8, 1975 34 Neepawa, MB, CAN
5 Kim Johnsson   D 6' 1" 193 Mar 16, 1976 33 Malmo, SWE
9 Mikko Koivu
F 6' 2" 200 Mar 12, 1983 26 Turku, FIN
48 Guillaume Latendresse   F 6' 2" 230 May 24, 1987 22 Ste-Catherine, QC, CAN
6 Greg Zanon D 5' 11" 201 Jun 5, 1980 29 Burnaby, BC, CAN

High School Players:
Julia Gilbert - Proctor/Hermantown/Marshall (F)
Joe Faust - Bloomington Jefferson (D)
Wilson Housley - Stillwater (F)

Tim Shaughnessy - Hill-Murray (G)

College Goalie: Josh Swartout

Coaches: Bob Mason, Dave Barr


Race One:
Team Green – Gina mcdonald, justin holl, nick bjugstad
Team Red – julia gilbert, Joe faust, wilson housley
Race Two:
Team Green – Sheppard, Schultz, Belanger
Team Red – Broadziak, Zanon, Koivu
Race Three:
Team Green – Ebbett, Zidlicky, Clutterbuck
Team Red – earl, burns, Latendresse

Team green passers - ebbett, scott
team red passers - burns, earl
Round One:

Team Green – gina mcdonald
Team Red – julia gilbert
Round Two:
Team Green – Nolan
Team Red – Brunette
Round Three:
Team Green – Miettinen
Team Red – Johnsson
Round Four:
Team Green – Havlat
Team Red – koivu
Round One:
Team Green – justin holl vs. alex fons
Team Red – joe faust vs. tim shaughnessy
Round Two:
Team Green – TBD
Team Red – Latendresse
Round Three:
Team Green – Scott
Team Red – Hnidy
Round Four:
Team Green – Belanger
Team Red – Brodziak
Round Five:
Team Green – Clutterbuck
Team Red – Boogaard
Team Green Passers – Sheppard, Miettinen
Team Red Passers – Johnsson, Zanon
Round One:
Team Green – nick bjugstad vs. alex fons
Team Red – wilson housley vs. Tim Shaughnessy
Round Two:
Team Green – Ebbett vs. Josh Swartout
Team Red – Hnidy vs. van ess
Round Three:
Team Green – Schultz vs. Josh Swartout
Team Red – Brunette vs. Van ess
Round Four:
Team Green – Havlat vs. Josh Swartout

Team Red – Koivu vs. van ess
round One:
Team Green – Justin holl vs. alex fons
Team Red – joe faust vs. Tim Shaughnessy
round Two:
Team Green – nick bjugstad vs. alex fons
Team Red –  wilson housley vs. Tim Shaughnessy
round Three:
Team Green – scott vs. Josh Swartout
round Four:
Team Green –  schultz vs. Josh Swartout
Team Red –  zanon vs. van ess
round five:
Team Green – sheppard vs. Josh Swartout
Team Red – earl vs. van ess
round six:
Team Green –  ebbett vs. Josh Swartout
Team Red –  hnidy vs. van ess
round seven:
Team Green –  zidlicky vs. Josh Swartout
Team Red –  johnsson vs. van ess
round eight:
Team Green – clutterbuck vs. Josh Swartout
Team Red – brodziak vs. van ess
round nine:
Team Green –  havlat vs. Josh Swartout
Team Red –  brusn vs. van ess
round ten:
Team Green –  nolan vs. Josh Swartout
Team Red –  brunette vs. Backstrom
round eleven:
Team Green – belanger vs. Josh Swartout
Team Red – latendresse vs. van ess
round twelve:
Team Green –  miettinen vs. Josh Swartout

Team Red –  koivu vs. van ess

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