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Road Tour Q&A: Reilly And Schroeder

by Evan Sporer / Minnesota Wild

With the 2016 Wells Fargo Road Tour underway, will check in with each leg, and pick the brains of the Minnesota Wild players on the road.

The Northern Tour is on the road, so today we check in with Mike Reilly and Jordan Schroeder.

You get control of the wheel and can drive your bus to any city in the country. Where are you going and why?

Mike Reilly: Miami. Beaches, warm weather and a lot of activities to do.
Jordan Schroeder
: Chicago because I love the city, good sports teams, and great food.

Crazier hockey fans: NHL, or NCAA, and why?

Mike Reilly: NHL, because of all the rivalries.
Jordan Schroeder
: NCAA; the crowds are crazier because you get the student sections and a band.

You can have either Kevin Falness or Tom Reid narrate your life for a day. Who are you choosing?

Mike Reilly: Kevin Falness because he has a golden voice and is a good wing man.
Jordan Schroeder
: Tom Reid because he is older and wiser and has better hair.

If you could pick one movie to watch in-between tour stops, what would it be?

Mike Reilly: OC and Bachelor/Bachelorette. The best shows ever. We watched Bachelorette on the way up to Thief River Monday night.
Jordan Schroeder
: Wolf of Wallstreet. It's funny and has great actors. 

More on the Central Leg:

We fished up at Ballard's Resort Wednesday morning. Caught about 10 fish. Schroeder caught the most fish, Reilly dropped his fish, Falness got the biggest fish, and Tom didn't catch any.

Falness started getting sick on the boat about half way through. We left to come back to Ballard's and the boat we were on, which was brand new, stopped working. We were about 45 minutes away from the resort, closer to Canadian land than Minnesotan. We had to wait for another boat to come out and get us. We started to fish again while we waited in hopes that Tom would finally catch a fish. He didn't. 

We finally got rescued and all piled into a boat to head back to Ballard's. Falness got nailed in the face with water and pouted in the corner of the boat. The rest of us ate sandwiches.

Once we got back to the resort we ran in, grabbed our stuff and left for International Falls because we were going to be late. We didn't even have a chance to shower. We ended up being an hour late for the International Falls stop but all the fans were great and waited for us.

Falness has vowed to never go fishing again. 

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