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Road Tour Q&A: Gabriel And Lucia

by Evan Sporer / Minnesota Wild

With the 2016 Wells Fargo Road Tour underway, will check in with each leg, and pick the brains of the Minnesota Wild players on the road.

The Central Tour in full swing, today we check in with Kurtis Gabriel and Mario Lucia.

Which song did you listen to most between stops on your tour legs?

Kurtis Gabriel: Def Leopard, and Classic 80’s rock in general.
Mario Lucia
: “Pour Some Sugar On Me”

Today is a cheat day. You can binge on one snack food on the car ride. What's your choice?

Kurtis Gabriel: Bacon double cheeseburgers, from Gordy’s
Mario Lucia
: Fish and chips, and milkshakes

You can replace your player-partner with one celebrity, dead or alive. Who would it be, and why?

Kurtis Gabriel: Gordie Howe; I learned so much about him recently, and it would be interesting to pick his brain.
Mario Lucia
: Luke Bryan; I like his music, and would like to see what kind of guy he is.

Who would you say is your biggest 'hockey fan'?

Kurtis Gabriel: My mom; she started not knowing anything about hockey and now she could be like a player agent, or something.
Mario Lucia
: My mom; she only missed one home game at Notre Dame in all four of my years.

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