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Q & A With Adam Gilmour

by Mike Doyle / Minnesota Wild

Adam Gilmour was the Wild fourth-round pick (98th overall) in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft. Last season, he skated for the Muskegon Lumberjacks of the United States Hockey League (USHL) and is committed to attend Boston College in the fall. He recently attended Wild Development Camp, where Managing Editor Mike Doyle sat down with the prospect.

How was your first year in Muskegon? What experience did you take with you?

Well, it was definitely a step up in the hockey part of it. The competition was better and everyone was better in general. I thought it helped me a lot, helped me prepare for a longer season—I played in 69 games with playoffs. You learn how to deal with travel on the road and all of the types of things that would come from playing professionally, so I think it was a good step to take before heading to college.

Besides hockey, what was the hardest adjustment?

I wasn’t living with a new family—because they were great—but having to balance your eating in a different way. Usually I’m at home with my mom, who knows me and knows what types of things I like, so I had to be vocal with my billet parents (about food). It was hard a first because I felt a little weird doing it. But it got better and it was fine after a couple of months, but it was definitely hard to adjust to that.

That probably helped you just grow up as a person.

Yeah, definitely. I was a senior in high school, so I had to change schools, which was another adjustment that helped me having to get to know a ton of new people and a new place. My family I got to know pretty quick—that was good. The guys were mostly from the Midwest, a few from the East, but again, playing with people I didn’t know from before, and the coaches were new. So, I was pretty much new to everything and it was a blast, but I got used to everything pretty quick.

That had to be a good stepping-stone for college even—living in a dormitory. How excited are you to take that next step and play college next season?

Oh, I’m really exited. I was there for the first summer session of classes. I took one and worked out for six weeks there from mid-May to the first week of June, so I met everyone from the team already with the exception of some incoming freshman. I’ve known the coaches since I toured and I knew some people going to school there already. I’m really exited getting some of that dorm life on campus and looking forward to it.

What class did you take and how did you like it?

I took a European history class, it was one of the core requirements for the university, and I liked it a lot. History is one of my better classes.

Nothing changes.

Yeah, definitely not. I also had a guy from my team (goaltender Brian Billett) in there, so I got to know him better. He helped me a lot and is going to be a junior and showed me around. It was good to get one under my belt.

What other things have you been doing this summer? What do you like to do in your free time?

My family actually joined a golf club that’s about fifteen minutes away from my house. It’s got a pretty good setup. My dad (David) is a big golfer, but now that he has one close he goes all the time and I try and get out there at least once a week. I work out or skate six out of the seven days, so on the off day I try and golf.

How’s your golf game shaping up? Have you always been a golfer?

I have. It’s been on and off. I try to get about mid-80s, that’s acceptable. Anything over 90 is no good for me.

What’s the part of your game you need to work on the most?


Short game stuff...

The putting is good, it used to be bad, and the chipping used to be good, but now it’s bad. So I guess I flip-flopped those. But the driving comes from the hockey swing, so I got that down.

Have you grown since last year? It looks like your taller.

Everyone’s been telling me that. My parents say that every time they see me. I measured in at like 6’4” and a quarter, so probably an inch since last camp.

You turn 19 this year, there’s still a chance you get taller.

Yeah, my dad’s 5-foot-10 and the tallest one in my family is my mom’s dad, who is 6-foot. I don’t know where it comes from but I keep growing.

Do you ever get the milkman comments when you’re with your dad? I’m about 7 inches taller than my dad and I heard that growing up all the time.

(Laugh) No, he sits at the computer all day so he’s hunched over a little bit anyway. I think at his peak he was about 5’11” and a half. Still, I don’t know where it comes from.

Maybe better nutrition?

I drink a lot of milk, so that probably helps a lot.

What’s your favorite indulgence food when you’re cheating on your diet?

I try not to cheat too much, but I love peanut butter. I know that’s healthy, but I love peanut butter. I eat it with an apple in the morning and I eat it on crackers at night before I go to bed. It doesn’t get old to me.

When guys are young and growing and their metabolism is so high, it’s tough to keep on weight during a season. Is that tough for you?

Definitely. That’s probably something that I’ve struggled with the most. When I was in prep school it was just a matter of getting the meals and our team never did team-related meals. And then last year the bus trips were really hard. When I’m at home I put on a lot of weight because I know during the season, losing weight is a big possibility. I try to maximize what I eat now and during the year, so I don’t lose too much weight.

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