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Player Pets: Nick Bjugstad & Milo

Milo is a six-year-old Shih Tzu Maltese

by Tyler Savitsky /

Each month, will feature a Minnesota Wild player and his pet(s), presented by PetSmart.

Wild forward Nick Bjugstad may be used to the cold weather growing up in Blaine, Minnesota, but his six-year-old Shih Tzu Maltese Milo is a Miami dog.

TS: How many pets do you have and what breed are they?
NB: I have one dog. His name is Milo. He is a Shih Tzu Maltese, we believe. He is a rescue dog so they're not a 100 percent, but that is what we were told. He's about six years old and he's 15 pounds.

TS: Did you get Milo when he was a puppy?
NB: We got him at around nine months. We got him down in Florida. He's a Miami dog, so when I got traded to Pittsburgh and then came here, he was a little confused by the cold weather and the snow, but he's adjusted just fine.
TS: Going from Florida to Pittsburgh to now Minnesota, how is it moving with your family and a dog on top of that?
NB: It's an adjustment. Obviously, my wife and I were fine, we grew up doing it, grew up in this weather at least, but when we got to Pittsburgh it was very cold and rainy. It was one of the first time's he saw snow, so yeah he was like what is this. You could tell he was kinda confused, but like I said he adjusted well. He travels really well. He's kinda a lap dog, but he runs when he gets the opportunity. He likes to play fetch and what not, but he's super easy to travel with. Long car rides, he just sits in your lap and kinda consoles you. He's a good pup.

TS: Did you and your wife name him Milo or was it already given to him when you rescued?
NB: That was his name when we rescued and he looked like a Milo. We tried changing it and tried another name and we were like no Milo is way better. We ended up keeping it.
TS: Is there a favorite thing or a favorite memory you have with him?
NB: Honestly, when he met my daughter for the first time and went up and sniffed her. I think he tried licking her a little bit, wife wasn't going to allow that one, but yeah just seeing his connection with my daughter that's now almost two years old, it's really fun. He is really good and protective over the girls, so seeing that is great. It's just nice having a dog walking around the house. He got a lot of attention before we had the kids and now obviously has to get divided up, so he's adjusted to that. That took a little bit.
TS: What does Milo's diet consist of?
NB: He gets a lot of, my two-year-old likes to throw her food for him, so he gets scraps. He's getting a little chunkier with this Minnesota winter here. A little less exercise, but my daughter likes to feed him. He likes to clean up after her which is nice. He'll eat anything.
TS: If you can describe Milo in one word, what would it be?
NB: Loyal. He's sitting around you at all times and if you leave him for a certain period of time, you can tell he's bummed out, so he's a loyal dog in my eyes. 


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