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Player Mailbag: Cal Has Answers

by Glen Andresen / Minnesota Wild

Wild GameDay

Numbers Game: A look at Cal's 2009-2010 season

There are days when all of us wouldn't mind getting paid to skate around and deliver big hits to the opposition. Maybe that explains Minnesota's admiration of Cal Clutterbuck, the NHL's top hitter and the Wild's resident funny guy.

We were bombarded by questions for "Clutter," and a lot of them asked about hitting. Many of those questions were condensed into just a few, but we also found out some other things about Cal. For example, he actually admitted to a superstition, gave his thoughts on naming your kid after him and updates us on his relationship with Don Cherry.

Paul, New Richmond, WI

Question: Who are you most looking forward to meeting as an opponent this year to lay a big hit on?

(laughs) Ahh, probably anyone from Vancouver. Maybe Sidney Crosby.

Editor's Note: Many people asked about former Penguin and current Senator Sergei Gonchar, who took a run at Clutterbuck last year and delivered a heat shot. This was brought up to Clutterbuck.

(laughs) That was a long time ago, but if I have the opportunity to hit him cleanly, I'm going to take full advantage.

Jon, Owatonna

If you could lay a hit on any player who has ever played the game, who would that be?

I would have to say Bob Probert, just to see if I could knock him over.

Mick, Farmington

Who was your favorite player when you where growing up, and does your style of play resemble their style of play?

Well my favorite player, it was a toss-up between Steve Yzerman and Joe Sakic (laughs). I don't think I'm the same type of player as either one of those two.

Justin, Monticello

You are such a great pest on the ice, but you have a wicked shot. Do you feel your role as "checker" hinders your ability to be a more of an offensive threat?

I don't think so. I think it's just a question of me getting more confident and comfortable in my abilities. And being able to take more chances and learn the game offensively a little more. Then, I'll get myself in positions to score more goals.

Vanessa, Winsted

Now that the Wild have let Derek Boogaard and John Scott go, do you feel that you have to play even more aggressively? And do you feel others will need to step it up also?

No, I don't think so. My game is not going to change. The fact is, when those guys were on the ice it was great to know that they were there for you. But guys are going to have to step it up in all areas. Not only the aggressive part, but every part of the game.

Deanna, Stillwater

What do you think about the fans who camp out at the Xcel Energy Center to get tickets for the upcoming season?

I think it's awesome. I remember when I was just a development camper coming in before going to Traverse City. There was a tent line around the block. I thought it was pretty cool. It's great to be in a place where people are willing to do those things to buy tickets to watch us play. It's pretty exciting.

Name: Calli, Savage

Who do you think gets picked on the most on the team?

Oh, I'm going to have look around the room. Burnzie gets picked on a lot, but he doesn't take it. He fires back. There's a lot of guys that have little wars going on. I think Hards, Shep and I pick on each other a lot. Actually, I think Brodziak gets picked on the most now that I think about it. I'll say Brodziak.

Luke, Moose Lake, MN

What is your most memorable moment in a Wild uniform?

My most memorable moment was probably the game I scored my first two goals against Washington at Xcel Energy Center.

Eric, St. Cloud

Question: Do you have any pre-game rituals ar lucky charms you use?

No, I just do the same thing every time. I put my gear on at the same time. I tape my sticks the same way. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Laura, La Crescent

Question: Hey Cal, my six year old just shot his Wild puck through the neighbors window, how many windows have you broken?

(laughs) Well, I've probably broken more windows with baseballs than hockey pucks. I've broken the glass a couple times in the rink, but I don't know if I've ever broken a window with a hockey puck. My shot's pretty accurate (smiles).

Laura, Waverly

Question: Who has been your favorite teammate over the years?

I've played with a lot of good guys. I've got a lot right now. Guys like Burnzie, Schultzie, Bruno, Shep and Hards are guys that come to mind. I've made a lot of really good friends, especially in my two years here. I wouldn't be able to name just one guy.

Name: Derek, Northfield

Question: Have you had a joke played on you in the looker room?

It's funny you bring that up. In my first rookie camp (Assistant Equipment Manager) Matt Benz decided to steal my pants when I was on the ice and he sewed my pockets shut with everything in them. When I went to put my jeans on, I could only fit the tips of my fingers in there, and I could steal feel everything in there. I was wondering why my pockets were so shallow.

Editor's Note: Clutterbuck was then asked if he's gotten revenge on Benz.

No, there hasn't been. But I don't forget.

Another Editor's Note: Clutterbuck was involved in one of the great pranks in Wild history (that we know about) when he helped fill Eric Belanger's car with packing peanuts.

Chris, Chaska

Cal, you had a really clever Halloween costume two seasons ago. I was wondering what your costume will be this year?

I'm not sure yet, but it will probably incorporate a mustache.

Jacob, East Moline, IL

What do you think the animal in the Wild logo is? A bear or a cougar?

A bear.

Name: Josh, Apple Valley

Question: What job would you want to do if you weren't playing hockey?

I would probably be some sort of engineer or architect probably. That side of my brain was always more prominent than the other when I went to school. My dad is a mechanical engineer so I might have engineering in my blood.

Tyler, Bismarck, ND

Why do you wear the number 22?

Because (Equipment Manager) Tony Dacosta gave it to me when I first got called up.

Sam, Winona

Can I name my first born son after you?

(laughs) Yeah, I'd be honored if they named their kid after me.

Editor's Note: Cal was asked if the kid should be named "Cal" or "Clutter."

For the kid's sake, I would probably say Cal. But it has to be just Cal, not Calvin. I don't like when people call me Calvin because it's not my name. No offense to any Calvins out there, but if it's just Cal, it would be an honor.

Tim, Cambridge

Do you use a new hockey stick every game?

No I don't. I use them until they get too soft or they break. I usually have three, and I actually have Matt Benz pick which stick I use for each game.

Editor's Note: It was pointed out that this could be considered a superstition.

Yeah, I guess it is. You caught me there. Benzie picked some sticks for me back in the day, and he actually picked the stick I used to score my first two goals.

Ben, Hastings

Do you have any boundaries for talking trash to the other teams? If so what are they?

You always have to stay away from personal lives. Talking on the ice is one thing, but when you get off the ice it's kind of over and done with and forgotten. It's just "in the moment" stuff, but you never go after the personal lives or family. That's just not right.

Klyczech, Wayzata

Have you buried the hatchet with Don Cherry? Would you ever consider going suit shopping him, just to show there's no hard feelings?

(laughs) It's funny. I was at Bruce Boudreau's charity golf tournament this summer and Don was there. We talked it out and he was apologetic. He plugged me a couple times on his video last year so everything is all good.

Michael, Champlin

My girlfriend has a serious Cluttercrush. How can I be more Clutterbuckish?

Shave once every three weeks and maybe throw in a bit of a Canadian accent, eh?
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