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Player Mailbag: Brad Has Answers

by Glen Andresen / Minnesota Wild

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When a team loses two behemoth heavyweights like Derek Boogaard and John Scott, it's only natural that fans want to know who will take their place. With new guy and tough guy Brad Staubitz as the next guess in the player mailbag, we received a slew of questions relating to that topic.

Brad answered that question, as well as some others that revolve around hockey pugilism. But Mr. Staubitz is also eager to show Wild fans his complete game, which is more than just dropping the gloves. One of the new guys has answers to the questions submitted directly from Minnesota Wild fans. He not only talks about fights, but lets us know his thoughts about the switch to a cold weather climate, and his favorite Jersey Shore character.

Brian, Cottage Grove

Question: Do you think you will be able to fill the shoes of Derek Boogaard and John Scott?

Well, those are some huge shoes because as everyone here knows, they're both monsters. I think I'm a different type of player than those two, and I'm coming in here hoping to bring a lot to this team, but probably not exactly what they brought.

Josh, Rochester

Is there anyone in particular you are looking forward to dropping the gloves with this season?

I have a few guys I usually have some run-ins with. There's no one in particular, but I'm sure I've built some relationships with a few guys.

Brian, St. Paul

Everybody has made such a big deal about your physical presence on the ice. What can you tell us about your offensive game that people may be unaware of?

Well, I joke with the boys that I'm a closet skill guy. Hopefully I can contribute offensively. I'm going to have to keep working hard to accomplish that, but if I get a chance to capitalize and score, I hope those chances will come.

Sean, Brooklyn Park

What style of facial hair do you think best fits an NHL fighter?

Whew! Well, if I could grow them, I'd probably grow some chops, but I think it'd be pretty patchy.

Editor's Note: It was pointed out to Brad that the Wild is big on supporting Movember, in which players on the team grow mustaches.

Yes, I'll have the duster. I'll have a nice "stoosh" going.

Brian, Forest Lake

Are you looking forward to playing your old teammates when San Jose comes to town?

Definitely. After playing with those guys for awhile, it's good and they're good friends. But it's going to be great to be able to compete against them.

Nick, Elk River

Welcome to the State of Hockey! Coming into this organization, do you know any of the guys from being previous teammates or is this a whole new team for you?

No, I've never played with any of them. It was one of those teams that has guys I've never played with. I've played against quite a few of them over the years, but no, it's a fresh start with everybody.

Klyczech, Wayzata

San Jose had a lot of great veteran players on the team. Which one had the biggest influence on you?

I would say the biggest influence was Rob Blake. He's a professional all the way through. Just watching him daily, you can really learn a lot. I'd say he was the number one influence.

Divena, Marshall

What are you looking forward to the most now that you are a member of the Wild?

Getting to know the guys. It's always great coming to a new team and getting to meet the new teammates and making new friends. That's what I'm looking forward to the most, and then just growing with this team and getting better.

Cassie, Austin

Even though you haven't been in Minnesota very long, do you think you will like it here?

You know what? I really like the north. I grew up in Alberta, so the weather will be a change from San Jose, but nothing I'm not used to. I'm excited. I love the outdoors, which makes this a great place to be a hockey player. And there are great people here.

Name: Susan, Faribault

Coming to Minnesota means coming back to a "real" winter, where the average temp is about 30 degrees colder than San Jose. What are your thoughts on playing hockey in a cold, "meant for hockey" climate? And, have you purchased a parka yet?

(laughs) I just had the parkas shipped from home. I was waiting for the day I'd be in a cold climate again so I didn't want to get rid of them. This (weather) is what hockey's all about, so it's good to be playing in this climate.

Ashley, Inver Grove Heights

Do you have any pregame rituals or lucky charms that you use?

No, none. Knock on wood.

Jassim, Blaine

Question: Concrete or blacktop driveway?


Josh, Apple Valley

Question: What is your second favorite sport, and why?

It was baseball growing up, but it's fishing now. I'm a big outdoors guy.

Allison, Des Moines, IA

Question: What did you do over your summer break?

Over the summer, I went home to Sarnia, Ontario. I just spent a lot of time fishing and enjoying the water. That's about it.

Name: Nick, Duluth

Question: How do you train in the offseason?

My type of training is in the gym, four or five days a week. I get on a program and stick to it. I just get on a routine, kind of how you get on a routine in the season. That way, you get it over with in the morning and you've got the afternoon to yourself to do the things you like.

Early on, it's a lot of weights. Then, it kind of transforms into a cardio workout with weights. The closer you get to camp, it's more cardio to get lean and get ready for the season.

Kelly, Stillwater

What are some of your favorite movies and TV shows?

Seinfeld is definitely my favorite TV show. I couldn't pick out and movies. There are so many of them.

Alexis, Prior Lake

Who is your favorite Jersey Shore character?

I don't watch it enough, but I get a good laugh out of "The Situation."

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