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NHL Alumni Spotlight: Lance Pitlick

by Staff Writer / Minnesota Wild

NHL Alumni Spotlight

Lance Pitlick


In partnership with the Minnesota NHL Alumni Association, presented by Comcast, will feature an Alumni member each week.

It’s a great way for us to catch up with a number of former players who made their mark in Minnesota, in one way or another. This week, we catch up with Fridley, Minnesota native Lance Pitlick, who is now living in Plymouth, Minnesota.

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Birthplace: Fridley, Minnesota

NHL Teams you played for:

Ottawa Senators (1994-2000)

Florida Panthers (2000-2003)

Where do you live now?

Plymouth, Minnesota

What are you doing now?

When I retired, I remodeled cabins that I bought for the first two winters. Then, I was a stay-at-home dad last year while my wife went back to work. I now do contract hockey skill development for associations. I also launced a stickhandling product called "Sweethand Stickhandling" in June. People can check it out at

Family life:

Pretty boring. My kids are in school and sports with hockey being their number one choice. I’m doing clinics and coaching my kids’ teams. My wife helps do the books for the business and is also doing taxes for a small company.

Do any of your immediate family members play hockey?

 Pitlick’s brother Adam Setten is a junior defenseman with Wisconsin Stevens Point.

My younger brother, Adam Setten, plays Division hockey at Wisconsin Stevens Point.

What playoff teams did you play for?

I made the playoffs with Ottawa in my last three seasons there, and with Florida in my first season there.

Did you ever win the Stanley Cup?


What was your most memorable hockey moment?

Making the playoffs for the first time in Ottawa’s expansion years. It came down to our last game of the season. The city went crazy. It was a great moment. I’ve never been in a building that was as loud or has as much energy.

What was the best team you ever played on?

Those last three years in Ottawa were the best. We had a close group of guys that really cared about one another and respected the coaches.

Who was your best teammate?

 Defenseman Wade Redden helped Pitlick regain his passion for the game.

While I was with the Hershey Bears, Tim Tookey was a great mentor to me. While I was with the Senators, Wade Redden and Chris Phillips brought the passion of the game back to me when I was losing it.

Who was your best coach?

Jacques Martin with the Senators. He gave me a chance and he rewarded hard work and character. He was very organized and prepared, always in control.

Who is your favorite player in the game today?

Peter Forsberg is the complete player. He is skilled and he is the hardest working player in games and in practices. He also plays very physical and leads by example.

Try to recall the funniest prank you ever saw, or were a part of:

One of our trainers in Florida was getting lippy to a couple players on the road. They ended up getting his room key and proceeded to put every piece of furniture in the bathroom. The only problem was that it was packed so tight, the bathroom door could no longer be opened. They had to knock the door off the hinges to get the stuff out. I don’t know what the bill was for that one, but we had a meeting and the message was that behavior would no longer be tolerated.


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