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Lost And Found: Nordy's New York Diary

by Nordy Wild / Minnesota Wild

Nordy, the Minnesota Wild's beloved mascot was in New York earlier this week to participate in a mascot game at the Nassau Coliseum. Nordy accidentally left his diary in his hotel room, and since he can't talk, the hotel staff notified and asked what we'd like to do with his jottings.

Sure enough, we're posting them on Enjoy Nordy's trip to the Island.


9:18 AM CT
Just woke up. Last night’s Home Opener was the best I’ve ever seen, yo! Great energy from the 19,000+. I still think there’s excitement left in the building carrying over into today’s practice. I need to wash my breezers (that’s right, Canada! They’re breezers, ya heard?) and jerseys then pack a bag with skates, gloves, and a change in jersey to travel with the team to New York today. Our flight leaves at 1:00 p.m. on the nose. I’ll try and keep this updated as much as possible on our trip. Hugs and kisses!

12:33 PM CT
Arrived at the airport. Made it through security with ease although it takes about a half hour for the guy just to wand my head. There’s so much knowledge in this head of’s a blessing and a curse.

The guy checking my carry-ons had the strangest look on his face as he went through my bag of air horns, silly string, rubber chickens and confetti. Either way, it all cleared and I can proceed with mascot shenanigans as planned.

They had to get out the larger metal detectors for me, because I didn’t fit through the standard one.

12:45 PM CT On the plane sitting with Brett Bulmer. He and I just got a couple of DVD’s going. I can’t see what he’s watching, because he’s covering it up like I’m trying to copy his test paper or something. I’ll go with Air Bud 2, Golden Receiver. I’m really hoping there’s going to be an Air Bud 3, Golden Enforcer. Wheels up!  Let’s do this. Takeoffs make me nervous so I hope Bulm’s is okay with me squeezing his hand tightly.

4:40 PM ET
Just got to the hotel. Gnash from the Preds is my roommate. He got here before me and nabbed the bed next to the AC. That trickster. Going to meet up with Stormy, Thunderbug, Carlton and Sparky for dinner. Someone said Dave & Busters? I am going to show these guys that I can rock a driving game and First person shooter as good, if not better than I can rock a slap shot. 

10:45 PM ET
Back from Dave & Busters with 1,200 tickets in hand. I told you I’d win.  I guess we’re going back tomorrow as well, so I am going to rack up more tickets before cashing in. That’s what smart people do. That way I can get some sweet prize like a recorder or a kazoo. I need to hit the wrapper. Big day at Nassau Coliseum tomorrow. And if Gnash snores one more time, he’s getting whacked with a pillow.


9:03 AM ET
Have you ever woken up to a saber-toothed tiger four inches from your face? If you have, I’d love to know where you were the night before. I hadn’t either, until this morning. 

Needless to say, I am awake. Thanks for that, Gnash. The silly string wasn’t necessary after scaring me like that, but I’ll give it too him, that was funny! Pranks on the road are the best. Quick shower, and then to the rink for 10:00 a.m. breakfast meeting. We mascots like to be prepared. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.

12:30 PM ET
Game on! Here come intros. I hope these fans like me...but I’m expecting some boos.  That’s fine. I know my role today. 

1:28 PM ET
Wild came out a little flat, and are down early. This is where my job becomes the most important. I need to figure out a way to inspire these guys.

By the way,  the fans say they don’t like me but want pictures anyway.  I don’t understand but as long as I’m not getting beat up, I’m OK with it. I’ve got thick fur.  Sparky from the Islanders is picking teams for our mascot game.... I got picked last. If I could frown, I probably would.

2:12 PM ET
Where you at now, Sparky? I just turned the Gordie Howe Hat Trick up in this beast.  Stormy from the Hurricanes was looking at me funny so we had to go. It got my team energized. I followed that up with a goal to complete the ‘trick.  Next mascot drafted. Mark it down!

4:40 PM ET
Well, the boys lost but they played a lot better in the second and third. The team is off to Ottawa and I am going back to the hotel to clean up and go dominate Dave & Busters again. I sent my gear with the team so I didn’t have to pay excess baggage fees. I like to travel light whenever possible.

5:04 PM ET
Gnash, don’t complain about my hair in the drain. It’s one of the things you live with when you have a mullet like mine. Deal with it!

6:33 PM ET
Another delicious meal at D&B. Who wants to race?

9:45 PM ET
3300 tickets and my points card is out! I got one of those giant stuffed animals like you get at the state fair. It looks like it could be a relative of one of us in this group. I didn’t really know how I was going to get it home. It’s not going to fit in my carry-on, and I’m not going to check it...I gave it to a kid who was struggling with Skee Ball. He only had a dozen or so tickets. Chalk him up as the newest life-long Wild fan.

10:11 PM ET
Goodnight New York. It’s my last night here. Going back to the good land tomorrow. 


3:23 AM ET
Just jumped from my bed onto a sleeping Gnash. Take that sucka! Think twice about that silly string next time.

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