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Lined Up And Ready

by Staff Writer / Minnesota Wild


If you need to find Pat Vos in the next 48 hours, you’ll have to make a trip to the Xcel Energy Center. He’ll be the guy in the lobby, kicking back in his lounge chair decorated with State of Hockey flags, reading a People magazine, or perhaps, dozing off.

At 8:00 AM on Thursday morning, Vos became the first fan in line to buy tickets to Minnesota Wild regular season games. When the tickets go on sale to the general public at 9:00 AM on Saturday morning, Vos will have had the coveted number one spot for 49 consecutive hours.

“This is the earliest anyone has ever gotten in line,” said Steve Griggs, the Wild’s Vice President of Customer Sales and Service. “Usually, the line started forming on Thursday night or early Friday morning.”

Vos anticipated that the early arrival was necessary, citing the fact that Twin Cities residents are going to be primed for the return of NHL hockey to St. Paul, making tickets tough to come by.

“This is the hottest ticket in town,” said Vos at 10:00 AM on Thursday morning, still 46 hours away from the hour of truth. “Having hockey away from the city for the past 17 months…it’s going to be a fast-selling ticket on Saturday morning. I expect all of the games to be sold out by probably 2:00 on Saturday afternoon.”

It’s a good thing that Vos got in line when he did. By lunchtime on Thursday, he was joined in line by another half dozen eager Wild fans. Despite the fact that he now has some company, Vos, who is scheduled to work later tonight, is struggling to stay awake.

“I’m dying from lack of sleep right now,” he groaned. “I’ve been working a lot of overtime lately, and I’m supposed to work later tonight.”

So who’s going to look after the number one spot while he earns a paycheck?

“Hopefully…my daughter,” he laughed, a sure sign that sitting in the lobby of Xcel Energy Center on a Thursday night is probably not what she originally hoped for when he asked her if she’d be a lamb and do him a solid. Although, she may have realized that if she wants to see the Wild take on the Flames on opening night, she better do what dad says.

Vos didn’t hesitate when asked what tickets he planned on buying.

“Opening game (vs. Calgary), closing game (vs. Chicago), the four Vancouver games, the Dallas games, and the division rivals,” he quickly rattled off. “I’m hoping to get tickets to about 15 games this year.”

Vos and his daughter will only have to wait another 46 hours and 56 min…Wait! 55 minutes.

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