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Leg Two Updates

by Ryan Stanzel / Minnesota Wild
Photos from Leg Two

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6/23 4:45 p.m.

Hello again Wild fans, this is your record breaking leg 2 checking in. Record breaking you ask? It's not for most Schweigert hot dogs nor Kemp's ice cream sandwiches eaten, although we feel we were close. We hit five - count 'em - five states in about 72 hours. That's 10 percent of the US of A.

We're about two hours away from the Cities, according to Jeff's trusty GPS.

We've had a great time since last checking in. You should have seen the parade for Bomber back in Grand Forks yesterday. Wow. Actually, I think we asked two random people if they knew who he was, and they didn't. But he's still a legend in those parts. The turnout was good, and it was very hot.

From the appearance at Wells Fargo we went to the Blue Moose, right on the banks of the Red River. Our radio affiliate gave us some gift cards. Great spot! The boys decided to toss the pigskin around down by the river. Although we nearly had to pay double when a couple people who will remain nameless took their shirts off.

We didn't stay too long, because we wanted to get back to Fargo and let Jeff unwind with us a bit. After the long evening haul from Sioux Falls to Fargo the night before, Jeff was happy it was only an hour back to Fargo.

But before we could leave Grand Forks, we took Bomber for a nice drive up University Ave. You could tell the memories were just rolling in. We actually stopped by his old hockey house, where he lived in the early 90's. Sadly enough, it's no longer the hockey house. Although Burnsy let himself in the front door to find out. And for those that asked, those are some sweet purple designer socks Burns has from his trip to the world championships.

We all showered and changed and met up for dinner. Met some Wild fans at the hotel restaurant. Another great meal. At least that what Burnsie said - he didn't order anything but had at least two bites of everyone else's meals. The bison burger was a big hit.

Jim the marketing guru was smart - setting an early bus time this morning so we had time to inevitably be late to catch that bus. But because of Jim's smarts, we pulled in Fergus Falls High School (home of the Otters!) a little early.

A great turnout in Fergus despite some rain, and then we headed to Alexandria. Again, a nice turnout and the boys signed a lot of autographs.

It's fun when on the same tour you do bigger cities like Moorhead, and littler cities like Fergus. Because the live for the Wild is constant.

We'll all reconvene at the Mall of America tomorrow night for the Summer Bash, then go our separate ways for a couple months. But September is right around the corner!

6/22 3:15 p.m.

Leg 2 is lucky enough to have Brad Bombardir giving us a guided tour of the drive between Fargo and Grand Forks, which looks much like it did 20 years ago when he was at UND.

Since we last talked, we have had a couple great tour stops. First one wasn't even an official tour stop, but we went to a restaurant for lunch in Yankton, SD, yesterday. By the time we left, it seemed like half of Yankton was there. Word of mouth spread quickly. It makes you realize how important this tour is.

We signed outside a mall in Sioux Falls last night, and what a turnout. Live radio remote, two tv's and probably 300 people.

We ate in Sioux Falls and then made the long drive to Fargo-Moorhead. And when I mean long...but Jeff had us there righ as expected around 1 am. We had some issues with the side door of the van, but Nordy was with us and he promised to not let me slide out. I was laying on the floor. We watched Shutter Island.

Today's stop was the biggest thus far, at the Moorhead Youth Hockey Arena. We were there for more than two hours, as we also made some Hockey Day Minnesota announcements, such as the outdoor games: Roseau vs Wayzata, and Hill-Murray vs Moorhead.

And what a turnout. I'm estimating at least 600 fans. Plus NHL'ers Matt Cullen and Brian Lee, draft pick Chris VandeVelde, all products of the Moorhead hockey system. And we musn't forget Roseau coach Aaron Broten. Media was everywhere. It really was an amazing site. You'll want to tune into the Twins' pre-game show Wednesday for some coverage.

Today, the players rode into town on the Wells Fargo stagecoach. Brad Bombardir jumped off and said "hello Fargo", which would have been great had we been on the other side of the river.

Burns and Prosser also went through the Wells Fargo stagecoach.

We're headed back to Fargo tonight. Our hotel has a rooftop hot tub. The boys stopped yesterday and got some swimwear. Burns and Bomber have matching headwear - Nemo and Doree skull caps. They'll be a hit, I'm sure.

We must be getting close to Grand Forks - and I hope so because there goes the door again - talk to everyone tomorrow. Our last stops are Fergus Falls and Alexandria.

6/21 1:00 p.m.

Greetings from just north of Sioux City, Iowa. We wrapped up our road tour stop there and are now headed to Yankton, SD, to do a couple of radio interviews. From there, it's up to Sioux Falls for our tour stop at Scheel's sporting goods. We drive to Fargo after that!

We had a nice turnout in Sioux City, where we ran into former Aeros assistant coach Luke Strand, now head coach of the Musketeers USHL team. The national guard had some peddle carts that the kids could drive around - well the kids and Burnsy.

Burns and Prosser flew in to meet us last night. Brad Bombardir, Dan Terhaar, Nordy (who's navigating next to the bus driver...the map is upside down though) and marketing guru Jim and PR guy Ryan left the Cities around lunchtime. We enjoyed a great little lunch in St. Peter, and a quick stop at PJ's cafe in Heron Lakes.

We've long talked about how our leg of the road tour is in four states, but we're actually visiting five, as we stayed last night in South Sioux City, which is across the Missouri River in Nebraska. It was a nice hotel right along the river, with a great restaurant. We hung out last night and watched the end of the US Open, and none of us disgraced ourselves too badly at the dinner table with the ribs. Bomber got the fun call during dinner that players from another tour stop had mechanical issues on their plane, so they were very late getting into Roseau.

Funny story this morning from Jeff, our trusty bus driver. We're about five minutes from the hotel, en route to our first tour stop. A car pulls up alongside of us, and yells that the back door to the van is open. Sure enough, it wasn't closed. Thankfully, no bags fell out.

As you would expect with this group, we've got a fair amount of electronics. Burnsy brought his PS3, but we may have to call John Scott on Leg One (mechanical engineering degree) to figure out how to get it to work. Bomber bought a contraption that was supposed to get it to work, but it used too much electricity. We watched Hurt Locker on the way down here, and Sherlock Holmes is on the docket.

Tomorrow will be an exciting day, because in Moorhead we'll announce the match-ups for Hockey Day Minnesota - including the Wild game since the NHL schedule comes out. Becky Ross, the PR gal from FSN, is meeting up with us for that star-studded announcement, which will not only include the Wild, but also the mayor of Moorhead, and Moorhead hockey alumns Matt Cullen and Brian Lee.

We just scaled in at the truck stop - maybe we shouldn't have had the extra plate of ribs? Now they're checking Jeff's log. Thankfully, he's a very good, and safe driver!

Talk to everyone tomorrow. It was great meeting up with some awesome Wild fans today.

2010 Wells Fargo Minnesota Wild Road Tour Leg 2, Brent Burns, Nate Prosser, Brad Bombardir, Dan Terhaar, Jim, Ryan and Nordy
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