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by Staff Writer / Minnesota Wild

Alex Leavitt and roommate Benoit Pouliot are the proud parents of a new puppy (the dog on the left!)

Rookie center and funnyman Alex Leavitt continues his blog for

I hope everyone can make it out to our games Thursday and Saturday. Thursday’s Happy Hour Game against Omaha is sponsored by The Maple Leaf Pub, which is a big favorite with all the guys for watching hockey. They’re giving free drink coupons with the package. We’ll see you at Toyota Center on Saturday, too, against Omaha at 7:35 p.m. It’s Cowbell Night, and I for one “Need More Cowbell”. As always, you can buy tickets by calling 1.866.GO.AEROS, or online 24/7.

Before I get going, I’d like to say that I saw equipment manager Rick Bronwell at his desk this morning typing away feverishly for his blog which should come out Wednesday. Rick’s got a lot of funny stories from the road. Some may even be printable.

We just got a new puppy. My roommate Ben Pouliot decided to buy him at our golf tournament. He didn’t even ask me by the way, he didn’t even clear it with his roommate, he just went ahead and got a puppy. He’s on probation with me for a bit. To be honest, I haven’t talked to him much. Until the dog is potty trained, I’m not happy with Benny.

I think I’m done going to the movie theater out here due to the fact that this is the second time I’ve been ID’d going into an R rated movie. And this time I was with a girl. So it’s pretty embarrassing, I’m 22 years old and can’t even get into an R movie. They won’t accept a Canadian ID because they think it’s fake, so let’s just say that date didn’t go so well.

I’m trying to get a new ringtone on my phone. I recently discovered Joey Tetarenko is an incredible singer. He’s got a strong rock voice. So anytime anyone wants to call me, just be prepared to hear Joey Tetarenko blast out the tunes.

What’s with the flight attendants? They don’t do their jobs very much. They just walk around flirting with Josh Harding. We need him to play well, and he’s just flirting the entire flight. The guy hasn’t slept on a plane this year. He’s gotten lots of phone numbers though. I think he’s 5-for-5. I’m just kidding about that. He’s a really nice, quiet guy and he’s always well behaved. He doesn’t do his hair in the morning anyways. He kind of looks like Crusty the Clown. He wouldn’t get any numbers.

Marco Rosa has been a great addition to the team. He was called up from just down the road in Beaumont. He’s played really well for us. He brings a whole European flavor into the dressing room, like we don’t have enough in this corner already. We have a guy from Spain (actually he’s from Ontario and is of Italian descent)…Russia…Reitz is from a different planet…Olvecky is from Slovakia. All the conversations revolve around bizzaro European music and Italian food.

Clayton Stoner’s been in a bad mood since Matt Foy got called up. Their friendship is really on the rocks. They weren’t talking for awhile. Foysee tried to take him out to dinner and make up for it. Until Matt Foy gets back, Stoner is really is in the dumps. I’m here for ya’, Stoner.

I talked to Matt Foy on the phone. He’s really bored in Minnesota, just living in a hotel room. He also went and purchased Tony Little’s “Eight Minute Abs”. He’s been grinding it out. I think he almost has a three-pack now. It’s good to see he’s coming along.

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