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by Staff Writer / Minnesota Wild

Click here for a photo gallery from Friday and Saturday’s games. 36 pictures!

"Nacho Libre" and a ping pong update

Rookie center and funnyman Alex Leavitt continues his weekly blog for

I hope everyone can make it out to our games Wednesday and Friday. Wednesday’s Happy Hour Game against Chicago is sponsored by The Maple Leaf Pub, which is a big favorite with all the guys for watching hockey. They’re giving free drink coupons with the package. We’ll see you at Toyota Center on Friday, too, against Toronto at 7:35 p.m. It’s Military Night, so how about this? The first person to call my official proof-reader Ryan at 713.361.7930 and order 50 tickets to be donated to a branch of the military - I’ll personalize the "Nacho Libre" picture for you. And as always, you can buy tickets by calling 1.866.GO.AEROS, or online 24/7.

Let’s start with the Halloween party.
Erik Reitz is just a great guy, it’s the only way to put it. He went through a lot of trouble for the team Halloween party. He brought all the chips, popcorn and pop. His parents swung by, and so did his girlfriend’s parents. We watched a few DVD’s. It was probably the best middle school party I’ve ever been to. I want to thank him for all that trouble he went through to make it a memorable night.

I went as Nacho Libre. I wore a mask and some very tight stretchy pants. It wasn’t very flattering. But I’m not the most pleasant looking human being, so I figured go for the mask, it made for way better opportunities for meeting some people.

Other than that, it was a great weekend for us. We got two wins, and we’re on a bit of a streak. The power play had been struggling so it was good to finally break out of that. A lot of credit goes to
Matt Foy for that. He’s been taking some weight loss medication lately I think to make himself skinnier. I think he saw last week’s blog and really took it to heart. He’s really flying. He’s lost seven pounds in his abs in the last five days or so, so watch out ladies.

Clayton Stoner had an interesting week after taking off with all my worldly possessions in his car. The guy is just a ladies’ man. I’ve honestly never been walking through a mall or a parking lot and had women, good looking women too, come up and give out their phone number. The guy is just radiating something. I don’t even want to hang out with him anymore, because I feel like a troll.

Stoney won’t play ping pong with me anymore. It’s kind of a can’t beat him, join him thing for Stoney. We play two on two. He lets me take most of the shots. He’s the marketable pretty face behind our team right now.

I sit beside
Shawn Belle in the dressing room at the practice rink. It’s starting to get annoying. He has legs that are twice as wide as my upper body. I’ve known Bellesy for 10 years, and he’s always been twice the size of me. Seriously, it’s starting to get annoying. I might demand a new stall in the dressing room…Leather couch, something like Barry Bonds has in San Francisco. And next to Benny Thomson for sure so I’ll look bigger.

Some final words of wisdom…Who can we chirp here?
Ryan Stokes is good. I had no idea Stokes was such an unbelievable karaoke singer. Honestly Stokesy, if hockey doesn’t work out, I know a guy, I think we can get you signed. He definitely had his own version of the country song, “Dust on the Bottle”. He got a little loose towards the end, but the guy just found a way to bring it home. It brought tears to my eyes…almost.



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