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Josh Harding's Road Tour Blog

by Staff Writer / Minnesota Wild
Day Two

By Josh Harding

This one didn't quite have the distance, but Harding enjoyed his day at Lewis and Clark Park.
Hey everyone! This road trip is getting better and better. Mostly because we get the luxury of hanging with one of the goofiest guys you’ll ever meet, BRENT BURNS! First off we had a wake up at 10 and Goofy decided to wake me up at nine by pounding on my door. Anyways, at around 10:15 we headed to the bright lights of Yankton, SD. This stop might have surprised me the most because I think there is 14000 people that live there, but it seemed like their whole town came to support us. It was an awesome turnout!  We got to go live on the radio first and then signed some autos for a while.

I’ve noticed that when Burnsy is on the air, his goal is to turn every question into a burn on me. Haha. Whatever. If it was coming from anyone else I might care a bit, but not if it comes from Burnsy. 

After we went to eat at this nifty little restaurant in Yankton where we had a delicious lunch.  For the second time in a row, Burnsy ordered half the menu and ate maybe one plate. All of us were really pleased at the chef’s menu and even more pleased on how the town of Yankton treated all of us. Thank you again.

After we were done in Yankton, we were on the bus headed to Sioux City. Burnsy and I were looking forward to this stop especially because we both got to hit batting practice with the Explorer’s and throw out the first pitch. Burnsy went first and showed us all why he plays hockey. WOW.  I think he cleared second base maybe once and that was because we had the wind blowing at our backs.  Just kidding. Burnsy actually surprised me that he can swing a good bat and he crushed a couple. Of course it was just batting practice so they weren’t throwing as hard as they could but it was still a lot of fun. I especially had a great time because I am a big ball fan. I got a hold of a couple that went pretty far but every time I thought I might have hit one out of the park… it landed about 40 yards short. Maybe my arms need a lot more workouts this summer.

After we were done playing we went to sign autos at a nearby rink and another good turn out was had. Burnsy and I both pegged of a guy on the dunk tank so we were feeling pretty good about that. After we were both done signing autos in the heat we headed back to the ball game to throw the first pitch and I can honestly never say that I have seen someone four hop it to the plate. Burnsy has the WORST arm I have ever seen and I am actually sad that the people of Sioux City had to witness that. After we made complete fools of ourselves, we headed up to the press box were we ate pizza and had some cold………pop!  It was too bad they lost the game but overall a great experience.

Day One


Roles reversed. Josh Harding can't solve Brent Burns in goal.
We had an AWESOME day today.  We got to go to SIOUX FALLS!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!  It was a great turnout and we had a lot of fun playing games, doing interviews and signing autos for all the fans. Burnsy beat my team 2-0 but I still thought we controlled most of the play in the 3 on 3 street hockey games. 

After I was done losing, I decided to team up with Burnsy and we beat the other team 3-2 in OT, and of course, Burnsy got the winning goal. Overall it was an exciting day with a lot of memories that I don’t think anyone on the road trip will forget.  Including, example #1 - We get to Subway and the girl that works there asks Burnsy what kind of cheese he wanted?  Burnsy decided to answer by saying “the triangle kind”. Example #2 – Burnsy and his UNBELIEVABLE manners at dinner.  First, he decided to eat before everyone got his or her food. Then he poured a half empty wine glass into an empty one and poured another wine into his empty cup. And to finish it off he was talking on the phone at the end of dinner. Tom Reid didn’t agree to that too much. Example #3 – I DESTROYED everyone at go-karts!!!!!  After our autograph signing we decided to go to Thunder Road Amusement Park and we went go-kart racing and it was a time of our lives!  It was a slick track that we all took advantage of by smashing each other into walls!  Overall, I think I got the upper hand on everyone!  Everything went really good today and Burnsy and I are very excited for tomorrow’s events because if it was half as fun as today, we will have a BLAST! See ya all tomorrow in Yankton, SD and Sioux City, IA…
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