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Jacques Lemaire Post Game Quotes 10/19

by Staff Writer / Minnesota Wild


Wednesday, October 19, 2005 versus San Jose

What did you tell them between second and third period

"Just asked them to play.  That's why we're named the Wild.  We're Wild. Awful period, then great period...."

The shift seemed to be important: 

"We skate long.  We start to look for offense all the time, guys not stopping and bouncing pucks.  Stuff that gives life to the other team.  Easy pass, a guys open, that's not enough.  We've got to try for the home run here."

How do you take this on the road: 

"I think they will upgrade.  They know that we can't play like this.  You get a bad period, you'll be the opposite.  They won't get five goals if they get a bad period.  You have to be all around more solid when you get on the road.  It's scary, you don't know what's coming."

Manny Fernandez

The goal tending, you always seem to find a way to make things happen, to keep this team in the game: 

"It's a different guy every night.  That's been our key over the years.  We take turns on who's to be the hero.  This was a big night for us.  Marian (Gaborik) came back and we needed to have a good game.  And we talked about it, to get two good games and start the winning streak a little bit, get some wins under our belts, so we have a little more room to move.  I think we're happy with the way things turned out tonight."

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