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Is It In Your Blood? Wild Rooms

by Glen Andresen / Minnesota Wild
First of all...Wow!

And second of all...Nice!

We were expecting some pretty cool submissions when this Wild Room contest started, but we had no idea how many people actually have it in their blood, or as the case may be, in their homes.

When this contest started, it seemed easy enough. One or two people will have a really cool room, and that will make it easy to pick the winner. Well, picking a winner was very difficult, and none of us here at wanted to be responsible for the final determination. We were only going to show the finalists, but there were so many good rooms, whe wanted to share them in this photo gallery. Maybe you'll get some ideas for your home.

In fact, we couldn't even get it down to 10 finalists, so we narrowed it down to 11, and then we asked former Wild defenseman Brad Bombardir to decide the winner. Let's face it, even if you don't win, you can't get mad at Brad Bombardir. He's too nice. Plus, he was captain of the team six freaking times, so if anybody has it in their blood, it's Mr. Bombardir.

Without further adieu, here are the 10 rooms that tied for second, followed by the winner at the bottom. And remember, if your room wasn't the winner, you have to blame Brad Bombardir.

It's pretty shameless to stick your little baby in a photo to try and win a contest. Pretty shameless, and downright adorable. Little Sam here is starting and ending every day the right way. That stuffed hippopatamus is in for it once little Sam learns the art of the hockey fight.

This hand-painted beauty looks like the ultimate destination for a sleepover. Bunk beds and a knee hockey goal. Plus, check out the curtain on the left, which features the Wild trees.

There can't be a much better place to watch a Wild game, other than Xcel Energy Center, and even the arena might not have as many photos as this room. Autographed photos adorn the walls, including a shot of Xcel Energy Center signed by the entire 2008 team.

The Wes Walz game-used stick is solid. The nightstand made out of hockey sticks is a beaut. But what makes this room jump out is the "Passion is the Energy That Fuels Success" phrase taken right from the Wild locker room. That is attention to detail people, and it's a great slogan to live by.

Luke Champine resides in Wausau, Wisconsin, so he brought Minnesota with him to Packerland. Check out the Xcel Energy Center ice surface floor, and of course the table hockey game is the best table game there is. There is no doubt that Luke has it in his blood, and for what it's worth, Bombardir picked this as his second favorite.

Chris Dykstra only gives her husband "a little" credit for helping out with this room. The rest was all her.

Look closely, and you'll see that this one is more than just a sick Wild room. It's actually a smaller version of Xcel Energy Center. Note the side boards along the wall, real plexiglass covering the posters, and beams and pennants on the ceiling. That's too cool for school.

Wayne and Thane Ojala both serve in our armed forces, with Wayne currently stationed in Nevada, and Thane stationed in Iraq. Thane will be returning home in time for the regular season, and look what she has to come home to! What put this room over the top is the Wild themed poker table and the picture frames made from Wild sticks.

We'll give Tim some suck up points for making sure he's got up on his computer. But this is a deserving room anyway. Look at the little wall stands for the bobbleheads, plus the various puck displays. The focal point is the stick on the wall, autographed by former Wild blueliner, Kim Johnsson.

The ultimate fan cave features 50 Wild autographs, 152 pieces of Wild memorabilia and even an empty beer bottle that once belonged to Marian Gaborik. The Wild themed lights abobe the pool table are outstanding, as is the Wild-themed Christmas tree.

Yes, folks, that's an actual Wild kitchen. And not a basement kitchen. It's the main kitchen. That's taking things to a new level. You've got to love the player nameplates that are updated with guys from this year's team. The uniqueness of this room earns it the Brad Bombardir seal of approval, and it is our grand prize winner!

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