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Is It In Your Blood? Wild Outfits

by Glen Andresen / Minnesota Wild
In our first installment of the Is It In Your Blood photo submission contest, we wanted to see how you dressed up your rooms. This time, we wanted to see how you dressed up your selves, or those little ones that are too young to dress themselves.

With Halloween last month, we saw some costumes, and we also saw some jersey-clad superfans. And some people, who are required to wear uniforms while fighting for our country in faraway lands, even found ways to show they have it in their blood.

Admittedly, here at Wild headquarters, we have a soft spot for the little guys and gals, and one of them is our winner. But once again, we relied on former Wild defenseman Brad Bombardir to have the final say in the winning submission. His decision means two tickets to the Wild vs. Flyers game on November 24th are now spoken for. That photo is at the bottom, but here are the other finalists.

If you're not a winner this time, there will be another contest in November. We don't want to give too much away, but a hint would be to start growing some facial hair.

Scott Scherbing and Dan Schmitt weren't allowed to wear too much Wild gear during a 15-month stint in Iraq. So they broke out the State of Hockey colors on every MEDVAC mission they had during their tour. These guys absolutely have it in their blood, and we thank them for everything they've done for us.

The parents of Brendan Bayden (two weeks old in this photo) probably didn't have a lot of Wild attire for a person this small. So they got artistic and  nostalgic. Those aren't just Wild colored gloves holding Brendan. Those are game-worn Stacy Roest gloves!

Five-year-old Maiden lives seven hours away from Xcel Energy Center, but that's only 14 straight episodes of Spongebob Squarepants for her dad to sit through on the way to the Wild games. Once there, Maiden has her head-to-toe Wild gear on full display.

These farm girl sisters have all the necessary Wild jerseys, necklaces and high heels, but the Iron Range headband is the kicker.

We said it before, and we'll say it again. Little kids make us melt, and a kid in Wild gear that watches a game as intently as Colin is definitely gets picked as a finalist.

This one was a favorite among the panel, and very nearly a winner. If you can dress up a cow, you deserve something. And while it didn't win this time, there will very likely be a Wild Pets contest, and this would be an early favorite.

Linda (also known as "The Puck" created these costumes as her and her husband drove to the Wild game against the Blackhawks on Saturday. That's dedication, and those are great costumes.

Now this is what we had in mind for this contest. Some crazy pirates who can work in some Wild clothing, which of course is the greatest treasure of all.

Finishing a close second is Littly Lillyanna, who wears a helmet due to some flattening of her head because of some muscle problems. So her parents did what any hockey fan would do, and went with the theme, decking her our in a Wild jersey, diaper cover and a personalized mini-stick.

And here's your winner! Yes, Cullen Rock is only wearing one Wild jersey, but look a little closer. He's also sporting quite a shiner over his left eye, which means he already has it in his blood, and he's not even old enough to play hockey yet. Plus, (and this didn't factor into Bombardir's decision), but is there a better hockey name out there than Cullen Rock?

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