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Is It In Your Blood? Wild Mos

by Glen Andresen / Minnesota Wild
In the latest installment of our Is It In Your Blood contest, we wanted to know if it is on your face.

After all, last month was Movember, and by now you know the story. In an effort to raise awareness and donations for cancer affecting men, Wild players, staff and fans grew moustaches for the month of November.

If you'll recall, there were very few rules in this contest. It wasn't limited to just men. As long as you had some kind of duster, whether it be real, fake or Photoshopped, you were eligible. All you needed to do was include some hockey or Wild article, and you had to upload it to the Wild's Facebook page. 

Seems simple enough, right? Well, some seriously studly 'staches were DQ'd because they did not include any Wild items. But some were still so good that we had to include them in our list of finalists. But this month's winner of tickets to the Wild vs. Red Wings on December 26 followed directions completely and busted out some serious creativity.

Once again, we picked our faves, and then former Wild defenseman Brad Bombardir, who most certainly has it in his blood, picked his winner. It was a tough decision, but we hope you're happy with the winner, or at least mad at Bombardir and not

See what I mean? This would have been a serious contender had there been some kind of hockey item in the photo. Even three stellar dusters and the best shirt I've ever seen on a baby can overcome the rules. Sorry boys, you're DQ'd. But, you still get on here because that photo is money.

Again, another photo that wasn't eligible for the prize, but this guy looks so much like Wild defenseman Jared Spurgeon, that he had to be included.

The sentimental favorite of yours truly because of the Bulldog jersey in the background. But this was a contender no matter what, simply because four women and three kids went along with posing for a photo with moustaches painted on their face.

This photo is great on so many levels. I'm not sure whose face is better - the determined look of the moustached gal? Or, the somewhat intimidated/nervous face of the 'stache-less dude.

Do you think the gal in the pink Wild jersey was told when this photo was taken that eventually she'd have a moustache Photoshopped onto her face?

This would have been the most popular 'stache in the Wild locker room. The boldness of the color coupled with the unevenness is exactly what Movember is all about.

I don't think you can do a better job of Photoshopping than whoever put the 'stache on the kid in the white Wild T-shirt. That's A+ work right there. 

The only activity that fits a moustachioed man better than hockey is cruising down the highway on one of these bad boys with the wind in your whiskers. Not one thumb up my man. You get two thumbs up from 

Our runner up: simple yet sophisticated. And we've never seen a happier looking moustachioed family at a Wild game. 

And here's your winner! You may think it's tough to get creative with moustaches, but this photo proves your wrong. Sure, this snowman may not be along the living, but his creators know how to win a contest. It almost looks like Movember Greg Zanon!

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