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Irmen And Schultz Training Camp Blogs

by Staff Writer / Minnesota Wild

Here at, we can type until our fingers bleed, telling you what we see on the ice. But wouldn’t you rather get it straight from the players participating. That way, they can give you their perspective on and off the ice for what it’s like for guys at the Minnesota Wild Training Camp presented by Wells Fargo.

Our camp bloggers this year will be a rookie, skating in his first-ever NHL training camp, and a veteran (albeit a young one) who is only 24 years old, but already participating in his sixth training camp with the Wild.

Here now, are the training camp blogs courtesy of rookie Danny Irmen and Wild defenseman, Nick Schultz.

 Danny Irmen knows how Twin Cities traffic can be, and he was reminded of that on Friday.
Danny Irmen

I woke up at our hotel this morning pretty early because I set the alarm to give me plenty of time to get some breakfast because I knew it was going to be a long morning. I was pretty excited to get Training Camp going. It’s been a long summer and it was fun to be on the ice with a bunch of great players.

I was proven right about the long day on the bus ride from St. Paul to Minneapolis when we were stuck in traffic for awhile, but not too bad. It ended up being about a half an hour ride.

We got to the rink at about 9:00 AM and I went right in to the trainer’s room to get some treatment on my leg. Earlier this week, I took a pretty bad charley horse to the leg so I’m working to get that taken care of. It’s getting better but it was pretty sore after the skate. It’s just a matter of icing it and trying to get the fluid flushed out.

We had a team meeting for awhile before practice, and then we took the ice for about an hour of drills. After that, we had a brief rest and then it was time for our scrimmage.

I’m rooming this week with James Sheppard, the Wild’s first round pick this past year. It’s going real well. We get a along really well. He’s kind of a quiet guy at first, but once you get to know him, he’s pretty funny. But we really get along so it’s worked out well.

On Thursday night, we just kind of hung out around the hotel and played PlayStation and watched a movie. I didn’t want to do too much the night before the first day of Training Camp. Some of the guys went over to the Nickelback concert at Xcel and it sounded like it was pretty fun.

As for me, I spent Friday night hanging out and passing time by playing cards and watching television.

We usually walk around to some of the nearby restaurants whenever guys are hungry to get a bite to eat. Some of the big name guys go to the high-end restaurants. For us, we check out the sports bars.

Nick Schultz

 Nick Schultz has alreay played four seasons with the Wild, and he’s now in his sixth training camp with the club.
I woke up on Friday morning and my wife was nice enough to get up before me to make me some breakfast, which consisted of egg whites and some toast to go with some fruit and orange juice. Nothing too big.

Coming to the rink, I was excited. We’ve got a lot of good players and I just wanted to get down to the rink and get going. It’s going to be a lot more competitive this year and that’s going to be fun.

When I got to the rink, we had a team meeting for the coaches to go over the systems and what they want to see from everybody out here. This is my sixth camp with the Wild, so some of it is repetitive, but it’s good to have it because we’ve got a lot of new guys that need to learn how we do things.

On Friday, we went over breakouts and forechecks and the new guys can see the systems. It’s important to get everyone on the same page as soon as possible in a short training camp.

We took what we talked about onto the ice for practice and then we had a scrimmage. It was pretty nice for me to get the first goal of training camp. Brian Rolston got me the puck and I was able to get a shot up and over Manny. It was pretty fun because I don’t score a lot of goals, and it’s always fun to put one in on Manny!

The pace of the scrimmage was fast and the big thing overall was that guys were excited and looking forward to the year more than ever.

When I left the rink, I kept it pretty low key for the rest of the night. I went home and had a couple sandwiches and some soup. At night, I rented Inside Man with Denzel Washington, and then went to bed fairly early. I was pretty tired. All the battles and hitting takes a toll on you so I hit the wrapper about 11 PM.

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