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Exclusive Chat: The Clutterstache Grants Interview

by Dave Lozo / Minnesota Wild

November has become Movember, an annual charity event where men grow moustaches to change the face of men's health through the month. NHL players have been taking part in a major way, helping to raise money for and awareness about such issues as prostate and testicular cancer.

One of the many players involved is Minnesota Wild right wing Cal Clutterbuck, whose moustache has taken on a life of its own. The Clutterstache, as it has become known, opened a Twitter account (@ClutterStache) this month and has accumulated more than 1,000 followers who enjoy hearing what Cal's moustache has to say.

The Clutterstache has many interview requests and a busy social calendar, but was able to track him down for an exclusive interview. With more than 1,000 followers, what makes you such an interesting follow on Twitter?

The Clutterstache: First of all, there's the uniqueness involved. It's not that moustaches are unique, but when there's one as pretty and one as willing to share my feelings as I am, I don't think there's another 'stache out there that's quite like me. That's true. You are very well-groomed. Does Cal take care of you on a daily basis? How does he treat you as a moustache?

The Clutterstache
: It's a reciprocal thing. He'll take care of me. He keeps me trim, he keeps me looking nice. I return the favor by bringing him publicity. I help him intimidate. I bring him good luck, obviously, as you can see by his goal totals in November. It's a give-and-take relationship that we have. I hope it never ends. You have had a great month of November, Clutterstache, but was there any nerves for you when you made your debut this month?

The Clutterstache: There's always butterflies in your debut. I think every player -- or 'stache -- will tell you that. As soon as you get on the ice, those kind of go away. You hear the crowd cheering for you. The nervousness goes away and all you're thinking about is the next chance to show what you can do. And certainly I've done that and Cal has somewhat done that. Interesting that you'd say "somewhat" done that. Cal has five goals since you came onto the scene. Are you having a hard time carrying him this month? Is the pressure getting to you yet?

The Clutterstache: I wouldn’t say it's gotten to me. As the month's gone along, I've become more comfortable in my role. And I don't want to take anything away from Cal. I'm not in this all by myself. He's done his part. Well, he did grow you.

The Clutterstache: Yeah, I'd say he's contributed about 30 percent and I'm responsible for about 80 percent. Moustache math aside, 30 percent seems like a lot. I think you're just being humble. One thing I'm curious about is how you haven't gotten into a fight yet. Is The Clutterstache afraid to take a punch?

The Clutterstache: I'm not afraid. I think Cal might be afraid for me. I'm not saying he's not willing to drop the gloves. But I think if you had me on your face, I don't think you'd want anyone touching you, either. There's no fear for me. I've seen plenty of 'staches and I'm not easily intimidated. I don't foresee any problems should Cal feel the need to defend himself or defend me out there. Are there any plans to extend your one-month contract with the team? Will we see you with the Wild in December and beyond?

The Clutterstache: That's one thing Cal and I will have to discuss after American Thanksgiving is over. He's been known to go full beard, he's been known to go goatee, and I have no problem with either one of those. But I just hope he realizes what we've accomplished in this month, both on the ice and off the ice with all these Movember donations. Hopefully he takes that into account when he decides. When you have a winning product here, do you want to rock the boat? Are you worried about bringing in more facial hair and upsetting the chemistry?

The Clutterstache: That's the million-dollar question. I have no problem with any of those guys, but do you want to disrupt that when you have such a good thing going? I don't know. I'm going to welcome them with open arms, but I just hope they know their role. I hope they don't try to do too much when they get there and just try to be part of the team. A lot of fans see you on the ice but they want to know what goes on off the ice. What other 'staches are you close with off the ice? What 'staches will you go have dinner with while you're on the road?

The Clutterstache: First of all, there's a lot of good ones in the Wild locker room and we've all become close. Not too close, but close. We're all friendly with each other. We all have our own personalities. During this month, I got to meet some great moustaches outside of hockey. I met Carl Pavano of the Minnesota Twins and his 'stache. I met Brad Childress' stache, the 'stache of the recently fired Minnesota Vikings coach. (Baltimore Ravens running back) Willis McGahee's moustache I met while we were in Atlanta. So yeah, my celebrity status has gotten me some chances to meet other celebrities and it's just been a gas. As a young moustache who was still developing, who were some of the moustaches you looked up to?

The Clutterstache: That's easy. Lanny MacDonald set the tone many years ago before I was even a blip on Cal's upper lip. There's been so many good ones since then. But Lanny certainly set the tone. The bar was set high by his 'stache.

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