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Craig MacTavish Postgame Quotes

by Staff Writer / Minnesota Wild


Thursday, April 6, 2006 versus Minnesota

Give us your version of the disallowed goal

“I don’t know what to say.  I have the same thing to say as everyone else.  The replay clearly shows that it was over the goal line.  It’s the importance of a missed call.  We are disappointed but we’ll get over it.  What was most upsetting is the rash decision. In the past we have waited 10…12…13 minutes for the call to be made.  They usually wait to make sure they are making the right call and tonight it was so quick.  If you can make a conclusive call then make a decision or wait until you have reviewed it from every possible angle so you can make sure you have the right decision.”

Do you think this will affect the rest of the season and where you finish in the standings? 

“I’ll let you know in 8 or 9 days.  We are in the playoff race and obviously we want all the points we can get at this time because it could definitely matter down the stretch.”

Can you find a positive spin on what happened tonight?

“Let me find a parallel.  We played well despite what happened.  What I was most surprised at was how quickly our players got over the missed call on that goal.  The talk on the bench was on of experience in that they wanted to put what happened in the past and move on.  I was happy with how we played tonight.  We played a full 60 minute game and got a good game out of everyone tonight.”

Michael Peca

Comment on the disallowed goal

“I don’t understand how our league miss a call like that.  In the locker room our video coach and other coaches watched the replay and you could see that it crossed the line.  Apparently the guy didn’t have a good angle but we’ve waited in the past for goals to be reviewed.  Tonight’s was a very quick decision and obviously the wrong one.”

Did it have an emotion impact? 

“Of course it had an emotional impact.  We just scored a short-handed goal and seconds later score another short-handed (disallowed) goal on the same penalty kill.  That would have had a huge emotional swing to the game.  Our coaches called the ref over at the start of the third and he told us it was a goal and they missed it.  I don’t know if Toronto called after they reviewed it, some guys are saying they did, I don’t know.  I don’t know who is to blame but obviously someone should be held accountable.  We are in a playoff race and this is inexcusable.”

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