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Brent Burns’ Road Tour Diary - Days Two And Three

by Staff Writer / Minnesota Wild

Tuesday, June 27

 Veilleux and his little partner took down Burns to even the WF Road Tour Olympics at one game apiece.
’Sup State of Hockey! Brent Burns here. I’ve got a great day to tell you about.

We started out in Winona, where we met a lot of great Wild fans and signed autographs at a beautiful park by the river. They tell me there are a lot of bald eagles in the area. I tried to convince everyone to take a detour along the river so that we could bird-watch, but the schedule was tight, so we were off to Austin.

Austin was a lot of fun. They had a street hockey game set up and a bunch of kids were playing by the time we got set up. Steph and I jumped right in, of course. Next was a fierce street hockey game played hard on the streets of Autsin. Both teams played hard, and we were tied at seven in sudden death overtime. A youngster on Steph’s team muscled one in, and Steph assisted on the winning goal. So, although our team dominated his, Steph’s team got a couple cheap goals and a win to tie the Wells Fargo Wild Road Tour Olympics at 1-1. (I won in floor hockey at a VIP event  Monday.) So hopefully we’ll settle the score sometime tomorrow in Albert Lea or Mankato.

After that, it was off for a round of golf at Austin Country Club. They were very good to us and I’m going to make sure I get back sometime soon!

Until tomorrow,

Wednesday, June 28

 How does Steph do it? He eats nine meals a day but never sleeps.
Well, State of Hockey, today was Day Three of the Wells Fargo Wild Road Tour, and I’ve got to say I’m sad to see it end. Steph and I had a blast this week, saw a lot of cool things, and met a bunch of great people.

Today we got started in Albert Lea. I couldn’t believe how many people were there waiting for us. The line was all the way into the parking lot, and everyone was very excited when the bus pulled up. After signing we did a couple media appearances with local tv and radio before boarding the bus to Mankato, of course, with some food for the road. After I ate, I laid down for a nap. Gotta stay fresh for the tour. I don’t know how Steph does it. He never sleeps on the bus. The guy eats like nine meals a day and doesn’t nap after any of them!

Mankato is a cool town. We signed at All Seasons Arena, where the college hockey team practices. The weather was great and after signing for hundreds of fans, we hit the road for Saint Paul – but only after a quick bite to eat.

During the ride back, we told a lot of great stories about our week and how much fun we had, and looked forward to tomorrow night, when we’ll be at a big party they’re throwing for the end of the tour in downtown Saint Paul. Hope to see you there.

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