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Best Wild Week Ever

by Glen Andresen / Minnesota Wild
Brian Rolston wouldn't kick his leg that high if he wasn't 100% positive that last week was the Best Wild Week Ever.
Question: Who had the Best Wild Week Ever for the seven-day period spanning Monday, October 15 through Sunday, October 21?

I know, it’s a loaded question, so let’s break the question down and look at this analytically.

The word “who” would imply that it was a single person, such as Mikko Koivu, who scored two goals including the game-winner on Saturday in St. Louis. Or, it could be Josh Harding, who won his second game of the season and only allowed one goal. “Who” could be anybody, even a media relations representative making his first NHL trip.

But when you think about it some more, it doesn’t have to be a person that had the Best Wild Week Ever. It could be a state, like North Dakota, which has a football team that can run for about a thousand yards in one game. Or, it could be a coaching staff, like the Wild’s, which is undefeated in regulation this season.

In fact, we could just tell you who, or what, is having the Best Wild Week Ever, but we want to make you work for it. You have to read about the past seven days before finding out. And no scrolling down. That is cheating, which only Cleveland Indian pitchers are allowed to do.

Monday, October 15, 2007 

The mom’s trip continued with some shopping on Rodeo Drive, which is where those lovable characters from "The Hills" congregate. One male actually went along, and that was FSN North hockey analyst, Kevin Gorg, who filmed the piece for FSN. This wasn’t just a gimmick to use up tape, however. You may not think it, but Gorg is the ultimate shopping companion. The guy has a tremendous fashion sense and is up to date on all the latest trends. Not only that, but he knows a bargain when he sees it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We don’t like to talk about letdowns here at BWWE because of the negative connotations associated with the word. We also don’t make a habit of making excuses. But, we have an
That's a dirty move Anze Kopitar, and it certainly isn't welcome here at BWWE. Maybe if you were from Minnesota, we'd let it slide.
excuse for the Wild’s 4-3 shootout loss to the Los Angeles Kings on Tuesday night: the Wild was due for a letdown.

Facing a desperate 1-5-0 team, and coming off a hard-fought shutout win over the defending Stanley Cup champs, you’d be asking a lot for the Wild just to get a point. Well, they did that by forcing a shootout against the Kings after goals from Pavol Demitra, Mikko Koivu and Brian Rolston. Unfortunately, Petteri Nummelin’s shootout tally didn’t hold up against three Kings goals, which included a circus move by Anze Kopitar.

Even when the Wild loses, it keeps that zero in the “L” column, and hey, 81 wins is acceptable so long as we can make those people in Los Angeles feel good about something. They really don’t have much else to get excited about out there in that state.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The players and moms spent one more night in California on Tuesday night, and then returned home later in the afternoon. Due to some complications at the Twin Cities airport, the flight was delayed and then had to circle in the air a few times before making a safe landing. This forced Jacques Lemaire’s hand into canceling practice later in the afternoon. We’re sure the players were distraught about this unfortunate turn of events.

Wednesday was also a time for goodbyes as mothers hugged their sons, and each other, which was apparently the biggest difference from a year ago when the dads made the trip.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Andre Rieu concert from the night before led to the Wild’s only practice in Minnesota for the week being moved to Parade Ice Garden in Minneapolis. This made it difficult for me because I drove to Minneapolis to cover the practice for, but the problem was the rain. I just had my car washed and was forced to dodge all of the raindrops. I did not make any friends on the road on Thursday.
Friday, October 19, 2007

Ryan Stanzel and Derek Boogaard have something in common: they can kick your butt.
Friday was a big day for the newest member of the Wild media relations team – Ryan Stanzel. Ryan made his first regular season trip with the team. For those of you unfamiliar with Stanzel, his path to the NHL was similar to Derek Boogaard’s in that he started with the Louisiana IceGators of the East Coast Hockey League, was promoted to the Houston Aeros of the American Hockey League and finally realized his NHL dreams this year.

You can find out more about Stanzel’s remarkable journey during FSN North’s “In My Own Words: Ryan Stanzel”, which should air sometime in December.
Saturday, October 20, 2007

Stanzel moved to 1-0-0 in his NHL career after the Wild turned in a dominating performance in a 3-1 win over the St. Louis Blues on Saturday night. The hype entering the game was the supposed simmering feud between Blues head coach Andy Murray and Wild tough guy, Derek Boogaard.

There were no shenanigans on this night. There was just some more stellar goaltending from Josh Harding who stopped all but one of 34 shots. There was also some clutch goals scored by Demitra, Eric Belanger and Brent Burns. The only St. Louis goal was scored by Grand Rapids native, Steve Wagner, because if we’re going to yield goals this week, they better be coming mainly from someone with State of Hockey connections.

For example, if the Wild is to give up any goals against Colorado, they have to come from guys like former St. Cloud State Husky, Tyler Arnason, or former Wild star, Andrew Brunette, to give just a couple examples. But, the Wild still has to win.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

And wouldn’t you know? The Wild won, and Arnason and Brunette scored the Colorado goals. They did so only after Mark Parrish and Rolston bagged power play goals in the second period.

The game was tense in the third period and overtime appeared imminent, but then Koivu stepped up, stepped around and stepped in front to score a hard-nosed goal to seal yet another victory, and the Best Wild Week Ever, and it could only be seen on the station…

…That Had The Best Wild Week Ever?

Anthony LaPanta's Emmy for On-Camera talent contributed to FSN's Wild Week.
FSN North. On Tuesday night, facing the last-place Los Angeles Kings at 9:30 PM, Game Four of the American League Championship series being played and the series premiere of Cavemen airing on ABC, the Wild pulled in a 3.8 share – the highest rating for a Wild game in FSN North history.

Then, on Saturday, at the Upper Midwest Chapter Regional Emmy Awards, FSN North brought home two awards – Best Sports Program for Hockey Day Minnesota and Best Sporting Event/Game-Live/Unedited Program/Special, also for Hockey Day Minnesota.

FSN North has also revamped its Wild pregame and postgame shows. It has brought in fan favorite Darby Hendrickson for some in-studio work. And, Kevin Gorg got to spend a day with 25 women with no limit credit cards. All in all, not a bad week for the folks at FSN North. In fact, we dare say it was the Best Wild Week Ever.
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