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Becoming Wild: Clutterbuck

by Mike Doyle / Minnesota Wild

Last year’s “Becoming Wild” gave a behind-the-scenes look at the Wild’s front office, the NHL Entry Draft in Minnesota and prospects in the organization. In the show’s second installment, “Becoming Wild: Chapter Two” presented by Toyota, the focus shifts to a day-in-the-life setting of current Wild players enjoying the offseason in their hometowns.

The first episode of the show’s second chapter airs tomorrow night at 7 p.m. on FOX Sports North and features Cal Clutterbuck in his hometown of Welland, Ontario. Clutterbuck will take viewers through an intense workout, 18 holes of golf overlooking Niagara Falls, on a tour of his home with family and friends, and even strums a little guitar.

One of the insights revealed on the show is how a player interacts while relaxing at home with family and friends. For Clutterbuck, viewers will see a close group that supported him on the path to the NHL.

“My family has always been pretty close-knit and tight,” Clutterbuck explained. “It’s a lot easier going through the process of making it to the NHL when you have a good support system, and I have one of the best. Hopefully people will get to see a little glimpse of that.”

One of the biggest aspects of a professional hockey player’s summer: offseason workouts. Even though it is the summer, today’s NHL player doesn’t get much off time in the offseason.

“A lot of people wonder what our offseason (training) looks like. I get that question a lot, ‘Do you train all year?”’ Clutterbuck said. “I don’t really think people have an idea of what really goes into it. It’s good to be able to show a little bit of that and where you live and how you spend your time.”

If there was any trepidation about letting cameras roll at his home, he quickly forgot the film crew was there. With the Wild forward, what you see on the show is a glimpse of a regular guy on a regular day.

“In a setting like that, when you’re with comfortable with those guys, (Pat O’Connor, Becoming Wild Producer and Dusty Peterson, WildTV Guru), it was easy,” Clutterbuck said. “It’s a lot better when you’re showing them what you’re doing, your house, and how things are going as far as a normal day so you can just act normally.”

The half-hour episodes provide enough time to unearth the personalities of the players. With Clutterbuck, fans will get to see his quick wit and sense of humor. American viewers will learn of a Tim Horton’s Double-Double, as the bone-crunching forward explains Canada’s obsession with Timmy’s.

“It’s just one of those things; I think it reminds you of being home more than anything,” the winger said. “It’s easy, it’s a drive-thru – all it is just a simple cup of coffee and a bagel or a sandwich. But it’s usually part of the morning routine for anybody growing up in Canada.”

Of course, the hockey player’s other great offseason obsession is golf. The winger with a booming shot also has a booming drive. In the “Becoming Wild: Chapter Two” Webisode 11 on, viewers got a sneak peak at Clutterbuck’s home course overlooking Niagara Falls. His home track easily takes the skin for most scenic view. He said that during the summer he tries to play as often as possible because it is a "relaxing way to take his mind off of things."

The other hobby the feisty forward enjoys is guitar. Although he claims, “I’m not very good,” he picks up the guitar and strums a tune on camera – even if it took a little prodding from the gallery.

“(My wife Cassie, O’Connor and Peterson) had to twist my arm to play the guitar,” Clutterbuck said. “It was kind of nerve wracking. I don’t like playing in front of people at all.”

Clutterbuck is still debating if he’ll be included in the audience, as he will likely pick himself apart on screen.

“I’ve seen myself on TV, obviously, in hockey gear playing the game, but it’s a little different when you’re watching yourself,” Clutterbuck laughed. “You pick up on some weird things that you do. I’ll have to check it out and see what kind of weird quirks I’ve got.”

Despite the quirks, unpolished guitar skills and sweat on the camera from an offseason workout, Clutterbuck was one of the many Wild players to let the cameras roll into their homes – showing fans a glimpse of their lives away from the rink.

“I think it's kind of cool,” Clutterbuck said. “It’s a fun opportunity to do those kinds of things versus doing formal interviews.”

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