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Alex Leavitt Training Camp Blog #3

by Staff Writer / Minnesota Wild


SUGAR LAND, Texas - Aeros rookie center and resident comedian Alex Leavitt has agreed to be a regular contributor to during training camp. Leavitt was the ECHL’s Rookie of the Year in 2005-06, becoming the first rookie in 15 seasons to lead the league in scoring while helping the Alaska Aces to the Kelly Cup title. Laughs are optional. introduces day three of the “Leavitt Blog”.

I hear we’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback from this blog. Good to hear. Keep it coming.

Yesterday I had a big plan to get a bank account and cell phone, but I went back to the room and went into coma pretty much.

I didn’t get anything done really. What’s that word where you put stuff off…Oh, I’ve been a procrastinator lately to the fullest extent. But if the coaches are reading this, I’m back focusing.

I called my girlfriend for awhile and talked to her. She was in a sweater and sweatpants but right now I don’t care. I kinda’ miss her, too bad she’s back at home.

What else did we do…We went to eat at the steakhouse across the street. It was the best meal I’ve had so far. It was good to get that Alberta style beef taste inside of me.

This morning was the same routine again. I woke up around 7:45, had a really healthy breakfast – a donut. We came to the rink, went through team stretch, which was good, and then the scrimmage was good today.

I played with a bunch of different guys, but mostly with (Matt) Foy. The guy skates about four times faster than I do, so it’s kind of easy when he does all the work and I sit back and he gives me the puck.

I scored a goal. I kept the puck and got it signed by all the guys. It’ll Probably be on E-bay next week for rent money. So look for that on E-bay, it’d be great if the Houston fans could help a guy out.

Even though it’s Friday night, I’ll behave myself to the full extent. We’ll be back at the rink at 9 a.m. Saturday to find out who’s playing in the exhibition games.

So maybe I’ll just go see a movie. I hear that MTV show that they made into a movie with the guys who do crazy things is a real thriller with a good plot. I’m interested to see where those guys are taking their careers. I might pop in and go see that. Other than that, lay how and maybe hit up Hooters again.

Oh, and the Aeros’ media guy, Ryan I think his name is...He says the first person he sees at the pre-season game Saturday with a sign that says "I read the Alex Leavitt Blog" will get a free media guide next week. Whatever that’s worth.

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