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by Staff Writer / Minnesota Wild
Rick Bronwell

I don’t like technology. Computer just crashed and I lost this entire blog. Not sure it’ll be as good the second time around, so if I’m not up to my usual standards…

This whole CD thing’s taken off a lot more than what I expected, or what Ben Thomson thought. It started off as and idea I said to him, he said awesome let’s do it and I wrote it in my last blog. Courtney Eidman from Houston Aeros Charities has taken it and run with it. So many people are offering studio time. I’m thinking instead of a six-song demo, maybe we’ll do a 12-song LP because there’s a lot of people interested. We’re going to have Reitzee do a couple cameos on backup guitar. He can shred. I hear we may even have a gig or two in the future.

Anybody out there have a name for us…I had on in the car the other day but it went away. Anyway, anybody that can come up with a good name email it to Ryan Stanzel. You like today’s picture? All of us artists today really owe it to Hall & Oates. We’re also planning a cover shoot. This thing is going crazy. Any requests for songs?

On the equipment side of things, Emmerson and Albers came up from Beaumont for a couple days of practices. I swear my old assistant Phil Shipp, now the head guy in Beaumont, talks to their coach and asks to send guys up here who have equipment problems to save his budget. I had to replace some kneecaps on Emmerson’s gear. I stitched up rosa’s skates last time. I’m just going to have to jab Phil while he can. He’s going a good job down there from what I hear. But he doesn’t have a blog.

So Donny White and I were going to drive down to Beaumont last Friday to watch the Wildcatters since we couldn’t move into Toyota Center until late, but Donny backed out on me, so I got left sitting around by myself while he hung out at BW3’s. That punk. I was thinking of going on my own, but I don’t know if Heather would have liked that. And I need to clarify about her, she’s not as bad as I talk about her…most of the time!

I want to send a big thank you John, the manager at Bucee’s, and Julie from Pappa La Rosa’s. She saw my last blog (I told you everyone reads it), and came up and told me that her cousin owns all the Bucee’s. Lucky guy. John was gracious enough to hook us up with T-shirts for the team and a free lunch for Donny and I. We’re equipment guys, we like to eat, we know our food. Need a place to eat? Email me.

Quesada’s mask finally came in. A nice paint job by Mike Myers in Worcester. I’m a little disappointed we can’t have the red one anymore. He’s had that mask since ’96, it says on the inside of the mask. He came here with it black, but I had to paint it red. Pretty good for my first paint job too.

We’re going to have some equipment seminars with the help of Jeremy Burson from the front office. We have a machine here that cleans gear with O-Zone and makes it smell good. It kills bacteria and staph infections. We’re going to try to get the hockey dads and moms to use it. Contact Jeremy if it’s something you’d be interested in attending, they are setting up some dates now.

We’re going to Kansas City for Christmas. We’ll pack up the gear after Friday’s game and bring it back to Sugar Land. Then we’ll drive 12 hours to KC, spend Saturday and Sunday there, drive back early Monday and have our own Christmas Monday night.

My mother’s ankle is doing better. I’m not sure we’ll have to send Heather up there. Thanks to all who showed concern for my mom.

Leavitt…I’m not going to chirp him, I’m going to let him take the low road.

Alex Leavitt

"Stoney, was Leavitt really driving around my car while I was in Minnesota"?

How do I even word this? So Matt Foy fought three-time Stanley Cup winner Mike Keane from Manitoba on Saturday. Usually when a hockey fight goes on and you’re on the ice, you’re concerned for your teammate, hoping everything goes well and cheering for the guy. I found myself laughing hysterically when Foy was fighting him. It was the equivalent of me fighting my dad. He’s been in league since ’87, which I think is pretty close to year (’83) Matt Foy was born. It was all in all a pretty funny experience. It’s pretty safe to say the Moose don’t like Erik Reitz much, either.

I heard a little discussion about the CD. Benny is pretty romantic. He has a nice soft side for the ladies. He’s been known to bring grown men to tears. I’m sure Rick’s talented, too. I’m excited to hear them play. I hope to get CD at some point.

Peter Ratchuk is living at home by himself this week. He’s 30 years old, his wife has been gone 24 hours, and I walked into his place last night and I saw Chinese food on the wall. Ratchuk wants to go see Rocky VI, to get out on the town. I figured why not, he’s the same age as Rocky, so he can see someone he relates too.

Josh Harding got a new ’07 Escalade. He let me drive it once. I took full advantage of the opportunity and drove by a local watering hole. I pulled through the parking lot, and there was a little line outside the front. I tried to make sure every female in line saw me drive it. I am the guy who does like to steal cars from others and try to use it for my romantic escapades.

Doesn’t Donny White look like Erik Reitz? I get the two confused on a regular basis. Reitz sits next to me in the locker room, and I was calling him Donny for the first 20 minutes today. He didn’t answer. I thought he just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. It’s like we have the spitting image of twins in the room.

Some guys are getting pretty worked up over this blog. I’ve had to watch my back on a regular basis. Especially Shawn Belle. He’s walking a fine line.
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