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Lifetrack is a 72 year old nonprofit in the Frogtown neighborhood of Saint Paul. They contribute to community vitality through empowerment that builds resiliency. Lifetrack offers three distinct service areas: Child & Family Services, Employment Services, and Deaf and Hard of Hearing - Family Services. Within these service areas Lifetrack helps individuals develop knowledge and skills to navigate life's opportunities and challenges. They provide participants with culturally specific support and mentorship to help guide success, while creating access to tangible opportunities.

Lifetrack's Employment Services supports people with disabilities and low-income individuals. They work with participants on skills training, job search, placement and retention with the goal of self-sufficiency. Employment Services builds employer partnerships and provides support for transportation, childcare, housing and other basic needs. With more than 40 years of experience providing employment services, Lifetrack is a leader in the industry. 

Lifetrack's Child & Family Services provide support to both parent and child. The goal is to help families break the cycle of trauma through education and by addressing mental, physical and emotional needs. These services include a Home Visiting Program, Therapeutic Preschool and Children's Therapy Services. 

Lifetrack's Deaf and Hard of Hearing - Family Services ensure that families with children identified as Deaf or hard of hearing throughout Minnesota are connected to resources and supports. The primary programs include Hands & Voices Minnesota and the Deaf Mentor Family Program. Hands & Voices Minnesota is the first point of contact, on behalf of the Minnesota Department of Health, for each family with a child identified as deaf and hard of hearing through the newborn hearing screening program. They provide parent-to-parent support, advocacy, parent education and referrals statewide. The Deaf Mentor Family Program works closely with families to improve their child's access to language, by focusing on facilitating American Sign Language and visual communication methods.


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