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Minnesota PowerHockey League

Mission Statement

The Minnesota PowerHockey League seeks to break down barriers associated with disability and sports while providing a quality hockey program for persons requiring the use of a power wheelchair in daily life. PowerHockey™ provides a competitive sports opportunity for persons not possessing the physical upper body strength needed to participate in other sports. Participants not only get to be a part of a fast paced exciting program but they also build life-long attributes such as teamwork, good sportsmanship, goal-setting, self-confidence and self-esteem. Being a part of a PowerHockey™ team, league or program provides an incredible social opportunity that may not have been available to the participants.

About Minnesota PowerHockey

The Minnesota PowerHockey League, a division of the U.S. EWHA, began play in April of 1997. Four teams competed in the first organized electric/power wheelchair-only hockey league in Minnesota, or the United States for that matter. Teams played a nine game schedule, battling for the regular season title and top seed in the playoffs. The level of play has continued to improve every year since that inaugural season.

PowerHockey is wheelchair hockey specifically for persons requiring the use of an electric (power) wheelchair during daily life. Power wheelchair users have commonly been excluded from competitive sports because most people believe they are just too physically weak. PowerHockey proves that thought wrong.  

Even though most participants are severely physically disabled, they want the same opportunities as anyone else. They want an opportunity to participate. PowerHockey gives this to them. PowerHockey is ideal for male and female participants, requiring the use of a power wheelchair. Players do not need assistance from able-bodied persons during the play of the game. The sport means total independence and equality. No other sport requiring the use of a power wheelchair allows it's participants to play with minimal assistance from able-bodied persons.

PowerHockey rules follow the basic rules found in any hockey league around the country. Off-sides and penalties are routine calls during the game. Players can serve from 2 to 5 minute penalties for such things as interference, delay of game, holding, high sticking and roughing. Unlike other hockey leagues, PowerHockey requires a few adaptations to allow everyone to participate on an equal level. Some adaptations include using hockey sticks made from lightweight plastic materials and a lightweight plastic ball is substituted for the puck. The games are also played in a gymnasium (basketball court) instead of on ice. For more information visit the website below.

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