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What's On Razor's Mind?

by Staff Writer / Dallas Stars

- Why are home team centers allowed an advantage on face-offs? They don't make the nets bigger at the end home teams shoot twice. Makes no sense. Someone explain to me why the road player on draws has to put his stick down first.

- By not running Zambonis over the ice prior to 4 on 4 overtime aren't they ensuring that the play will be a bit de-skilled?

- Why hasn't anyone done a hard news story on ice girls?

- Did you know that over the past couple seasons scoring is down in the NHL? I didn't. Games seam pretty entertaining.

- I enjoy a dollop, and, at times, a smattering of organ music at hockey games.

- When did "goalies go out first" start?

- If hockey players had to pick which team they entered the Hall of Fame a member of, which would Joe and Eddie choose?

- The league needs to go back to home teams wearing white and road teams wearing their darker uniforms. As it is now fans see only two jerseys: white-based road team jerseys, and the same home uniform, 41 tilts in a row.

- Why aren't powerplays more innovative?

- Are those indication lines really going to get painted? Are they having trouble matching paint, or deciding on a color? (I'd go with neon sour apple)

- Has anyone done a strength study on the panes of glass that keep breaking at the visiting team door (Ice Girls Door) at American Airlines Center?

- How is it a player can punch a linesman in the face and it's "an accident" and therefore excused, but if a player accidentally high sticks another player it's at least a minor?

- I hope all those "what will happen to Loui Eriksson's production without Brad Richards?" doubters are sitting up straight, taking notice, and sucking it. Loui makes others better too. Loui...he real good.

- My guess for next Dallas Star on the cover of The Hockey News, Jamie Benn.

- How about that coaching stable in the Central Division now! Quenneville, Babcock, and now Hitchcock are all Cup winners. Trotz is a perennial Jack Adams candidate. And Scott Arniel has a lot of track to make up.

- I wish I could telestrate stuff.

- Do you think Tom Gagliardi enjoys watching hockey right now?! His WHL team, the Kamloops Blazers are 12-5 (Greatest Junior franchise in the history of franchises) and his soon to be NHL squad is 10-3. Winning!

- Sheldon Souray...Norris buzz?

- I used to think I had the best gig in hockey but after meeting Paul "BizNasty" Bissonnette on the weekend and getting his full story there's no question he does. $700,000 a season to work out, take warmup, and Tweet. Good on him. Like most enforcers he has an infectious personality, big heart (he brings homeless people to games in Glendale and feeds them) and is a real good teammate. Among NHLers only Ovechkin has more Followers on Twitter.

- "Hockey" derives from the French word for "crooked stick".

- I love birthday cake and ice cream.

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