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Web Trafficking

by Daryl "Razor" Reaugh / Dallas Stars

The Interweb - invented by Al Gore, perfected by nerds - is the visual playground of those who are interested in sex, violence, and success. (There’ve done studies you know)

Before the Lockout, ranked a laggard 27-28th in something called “Unique Visitors Per Month’ or what I have come to refer to as UVPMs. (It’s a gift)

Fast-forward to the Post-Lockout (PL) present and the Stars website ranks right in the middle of the NHL’s internet pack (15th) in total number of (UVPMs) Unique Visitors Per Month.

Yes, acronym overload. I’m sorry.

I know dozens of you are dying to know how UVPMs are tabulated, so here you go: One computer logging on one time counts once per month. I know, the math is pretty advanced. I had a (insert racial stereotype) kid help me with it.

In the category of “You can’t fall off the digital floor”: During the lockout ranked 1st or 2nd in the league in the category of “fewest visitors lost month to month” – so, Hooray for Us! Teams like the Vancouver Canucks and Winnipeg Jets were down 300-400% (Bitter Canadians), while the Cup winning LA Kings held their internet audience (shocker) at around the same rate as Your. Dallas. Stars. Dotcom.

Here’s the irony kicker. During the 4 month Lockout, due to a league mandate, team websites weren’t allowed to have the players images/opinions/highlights etc. on them. They just disappeared.

Therefore…I narcissistically assumed it was my blog/microsite that kept you’all titillated.

Uh…well…that little Razor balloon was popped promptly.

Turns out (this is where the sexy comes in) a video about swimming at an area lake was the big ‘hook’. (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!)

Yes, Ice Girl videos drove eyeballs (bugged-out eyeballs, no doubt).

Lake Day 2012…Great success. Way to go girls! (And you post-pubescent males)

Truth be told, is typically ranked number one in the league with visitors looking for video. (Breaking: Moving pictures are popular among humans)

Another area that helped hold numbers was info (statistics and results) for the youth teams that play out of the Metroplex’s various Starcenters.

So bikinis and stats, eh. (Have I ever told you, “Statistics are like bikinis; they show a lot, but they don’t show everything”? I have. OK, lets move on then)

Videographer extraordinaire, Cody Eastwood (No relation to the former Mayor of Carmel and recent empty chair interrogator) was dispatched to Austin for Texas Stars updates and those features helped prop up the numbers too.

As did adding Mark Stepneski's blog (StarsInsideEdge) to the website. Over half of the people who visit visit his blog at some point during their online experience. (Love that. “Online Experience”)

According to the Stars VP of Production and Entertainment (and chronic middle initial over-user) Jason K. Walsh, the key to the success has been engagement - engaging our fans with compelling content. (see: Ice Girls) To that end, the Stars flamboyant and savvy webistrators (My term, trademarked, copyrighted, I’ll troll-sue if you try to use it without written consent) are adding a fantasy game this week where you the fan can compete for cash prizes.

I guess you could say its “Game On” both on the ice AND on the web next week. So tune-in, log-on and leave no doubt!

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