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The Rebranding Will Be In Color

by Daryl "Razor" Reaugh / Dallas Stars

New ownership is on the horizon for the Stars.

Sure, sometimes that horizon seems so distant you could watch your dog run away for 3 days against it, but it is there.

With new ownership will come changes - changes for the good we all trust, and changes that maybe should include the very colors the franchise flies.

Nothing rebrands with more impact than color.

When the NHL returned following the work-stoppage in 2004-2005 they not only changed the game's rules, they changed their own logo. The league's shield was altered from a descending "NHL" to an ascending acronym. (My former coach, the late great Bill LaForge initiated a similar change to the old Canucks logo - maybe his best contribution to that organization during his 24 game tenure) And while they were at it during the hockey hiatus the NHL also ditched the orange in it's logo. Presto! Fresh start.

Remember when Mark Cuban bought the Mavericks back in 2000, what was one of the first things he did? That's right, he re-imagined the Mavs colors and logo. He rebranded.

In Tampa, under the leadership and new ownership of Jeff Vinik, they're altering the Bolts colors (and their logo). Rebrand.

Another area of consideration, or debate, is that of a city's 'colors'.

I'm not sure where I fall on this topic. I can appreciate a city like Pittsburgh where the Pens, Pirates and Steelers all share the Black and Gold just as I can Philly where the Flyers are orange, the Phillies are red, the Sixers are red-white-blue, and the Eagles are green.

So what is Dallas' 'color'?

Well blue seems to be a pretty strong thread. And the flag of Texas would seem to provide a red and a white that complement the blue well. Which reminds me of a pretty amusing observation from Boston Globe’s Pete Abraham who wrote: “I count 27 Texas flags at Rangers Ballpark and two U.S. flags. Think they're trying to tell us something"

It's a powerful combination. Vibrant. American. Texan.

Red is THE power color.

Red, white and blue are easy colors to wear and thus easy colors to sell.

The trio are the color of the sport - just look at the lines on the ice.

And back in the late 90s weren't we called "Montreal South". Maybe bleu, blanc and rouge is meant to be?

I know what some of you are thinking, or saying, or yelling. "Razor, you a-hole; green, gold and black are our colors. They're our tradition." You're right, they came to Texas with the franchise, but with the advent of 3rd jerseys. (Or in the case of some college football programs, 11-teen jerseys) I believe there's the ability to revisit and revel in the former colors - from time to time - while still hitting the refresh button on the franchise in the grander scheme.

Rebrando, amigos!

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