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Super MUSE-Day!

by JeffK | / Dallas Stars

As Music Director for your Dallas Stars it's my mission to find the right songs for any situation. Songs that not only compliment the on-ice action but also affect the emotion of the moment. Our beloved sport is lightning fast and momentum can change on a dime. The right song can lift us up, bring us together.... and with a ferocious roar support our boys and let the opposition know NOBODY messes with Texas! Here in Dallas we love our hard rock... from AC/DC, Metallica, Zeppelin, heck Pantera created the greatest Dallas Stars theme of all time right?


Recently though, one band has emerged as THE force to be reckoned with. Describe them at your own peril... hard-rock, progressive, classic... or even electronic... this group 's ability to create epic after epic has brought them superstar status in just about every corner of the globe.... and over the past few Stars seasons, whether you've recognized or not, we've featured plenty of their music during numerous in-game situations... including our official team in-Arena intro video during the Spring of 2008.
That band is MUSE.
Rock royalty like U2 understand what's at stake. Could Muse be the heir to their throne? Pretty genius of Bono to embrace them... offering the coveted opening slot on last year's N. American tour - introducing them to an even larger audience.. like the one inside the new Cowboys stadium. Now Muse takes the next step - capitalizing on that momentum with their longest US tour to date - and they deserve it.
With 5 studio albums under their belt, numerous hit singles and an unbelievable stage show, they've arrived - and on Tuesday night they arrived in Dallas.. as guests of the Dallas Stars for a relaxing night-off from their tour routine. Upon learning of their tour schedule, and realizing we had Stars home games on both sides of their Ft Worth perfomance, I reached out to band management and offered up a night of Dallas Stars hockey as our way of saying "thanks" for the many great musical moments over the years. I had my doubts a band from Devon, England would appreciate 'stick-n-puck' enough to accept... but accept they did. Little did we know they'd bring the "Muse-mojo" and bare witness to one of the most exciting nights we've seen at the AAC since the Spring of 2008.
Now lets be honest.. since the Olympic break these teams have been heading in opposite directions.. I knew Muse would enjoy all that the AAC suites have to offer... but would our Stars hold up their end of the bargain? Well an 8-2 destruction of the Guppies will do just fine thank you very much!!  And the Dallas Stars now have 3 new fans in Muse.
Muse are; Matt Bellamy (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Chris Wolstenholme (bass, backing vocals), and Dominic Howard (drums and percussion). Dominic really enjoyed watching Krys Barch fight... and even posted a pic on the official Muse twitter page.  They were each presented with Stars home jerseys... Matt was quite pleased with his jersey and Chris was impressed we were able to fit his entire name across the back. Other VIPs in attendance Tuesday night included longtime Stars fan and cellist for the Polyphonic Spree; Buffi Jacobs.... who confessed Muse are at the top of her "it" list.
Muse performs at the Ft Worth Convention Center Wednesday March 17
Pick up the latest album from Muse The Resistance

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