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Sturm Blog: What The Heck Is Going On?

by Bob Sturm / Dallas Stars
Bob Sturm

Would someone mind telling me what the heck is going on with this team right now?

That performance in Philadelphia (on the heels of the last dozen road games) indicates very bad things about the place this team is at.  Are they this bad?  Or has the team lost its way that it gets a big case of the "give ups" when the game starts going poorly?

I don't know and I am not sure I want to know.  But this thing needs fixing, or with nearly half the season to go, this season is all but over.

No goals and no net presence at either end of the ice is a great combination.  Again, your goaltender has to be better, but any chance we can mark a man going to the net on a 2 on 1?  How can the defenders watch?  If you want to watch the game, let's get a ticket.  If you are playing in the game, let's do something about the guy who is streaking to the blue area for an easy "tap-in".

Not good enough.  Not close to good enough.  Marc Crawford after the game hoped that this would turn into a positive based on the theory that perhaps this would be a turning point where guys would not take it anymore.

Let's hope so.


In other news, I just want to take this opportunity to confess that Chris Pronger is the man.

Yes, he annoys me.  Yes, I have often rooted against him, but geez.  That guy is good.

He is like Derian Hatcher in his prime, but with superior feet and puck skills.  Way better puck skills, so much so that he runs the PP (at that size?  Have we ever seen this?) and leads the Flyers in assists and +/-.

He controls the game by playing all of the time and shutting down your best players while making easy and effective passes out of his own end to start scoring chances.

He is the prototype franchise Defenseman.  He is what every personnel department is trying to find in the draft.

And, thankfully, he is out of the Pacific Division.


Montreal is next, time to find a better performance quickly.

Guys like me can beg for player additions and additional cash, but if you were controlling the wallet for this team, wouldn't you want the team to make its own case for further expenditures?  There is investing and there is flushing money down the toilet.  For a GM to go to his owner looking for more cash, he has to be able to make a case with a straight face that his team is one or two pieces away from being the real deal.

When you are getting pounded 3 times in a week on the East coast, you cannot say that you are close to being a contender.

As it has been said by many, losing can be done for a very reasonable price.  No sense losing expensive.  If I am going expensive, I better feel I am going to win.

Let's hope for better results Thursday night.



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