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Sturm Blog: Tough To Play Against?

by Bob Sturm / Dallas Stars

Bob Sturm
Watching the Ducks game last night on Fox Sports SW and enjoyed the work of the great Craig Ludwig.

Ludwig has some serious opinions about this team, and I always want to hear what they are.  He played many, many years of destroying defense in the National Hockey League, so if there is ever one guy who needs to be heard when evaluating the blue-line, it is Luddy.
My points all season long about the Stars focus on the play of this blue-line unit.  They have many useable parts, but as a full ensemble, they have not passed very many tests now for 2 seasons running.  They must get better.  Coaching staffs have changed, but the quality shots given up every night (46 shots in Anaheim) just make it a recipe for disaster - regardless of who your goaltender is.
The forwards must come back and help.  There must be a pack mentality of 5 defending the ice in front of the goalie.  But, it must start with your D-men, and they must play with more aggression.
What does "Tough to Play Against" mean?  What are we looking for?
Well, do me this favor.  I am going to keep my part plenty short so that you will take a moment and watch this video.  Click on this link for video and be educated for 2 minutes about what Ludwig sees and what is not happening often enough right now.
The Stars must make their opponents pay the price.  But, too often, they don't charge the tolls.  Must do it.  And Ludwig says it so well on Fox SW last night.  Much better than I could say it.
Think about this as you watch this team - Yes, they need more talent, but they also need a more vicious mentality. 
Hard to Play Against - is the stated goal moving forward.

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