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Sturm Blog: Team Ready To Blossom?

by Bob Sturm / Dallas Stars

Bob Sturm

Absolutely splendid hockey is being played by the Dallas Stars in 2010-11.  11 games in, and Dallas won its 7th game of the season by pounding Pittsburgh on home ice. 

This a few days after doing the same to Buffalo on Saturday.  Just in time for the DFW sports fans to divert their attention from the Rangers brilliant run into the World Series.

The Metroplex have been fascinated and entertained by that young, exciting baseball team and were taken on a glorious ride.

But, now that the World Series run is over, the hockey team is trying to get your attention.

Now, the Stars have their work cut out for them, but they are trying to convince you that they are also a young and exciting team that is worthy of your attention.

The Rangers put the bar quite high, and the Stars are not here to say that their next stop is the Stanley Cup Finals, but they are making the case that they have a product that is worth watching.

They play with adrenaline.  They play with passion.  And they don't appear to have a roll of stamps because unlike the local football team, they don't seem to mail it in.

The performance against Pittsburgh was well timed.  So many were looking to see if the Stars could deal with a top team like the Penguins.

How is this for an answer?  5-2.  Great job on the special teams.  Great physical edge.  Great passion.  And great energy.

I love the way the 4 lines look right now.  When they put Jamie Benn up with Morrow and Ribeiro and dropped Burish down to Wandell and Ott they found a combination I loved.  Now, Benn has skill to play with and show his ability by teaming him with a playmaker like 63.   We are seeing what has everyone in the organization so excited.  And he dropped the gloves twice?  Gracious.   Then, Burish-Wandell-Ott are a flat-out abrasive checking line.  On the 4th line is Peterson-Sutherby-Segal that team with the 3rd line to provide 2 solid lines of great friction and "tough to play against" hockey.  And that top line of Richards, Loui, and Neal is just flat-out unstoppable. 

Can they maintain this pace?  I think they can keep playing well if they play with this amount of passion.  Will the results always be there?  No.  There will be nights where they are not rewarded for the energy (Nashville comes to mind 2 weeks back).  But, overall, this is the formula that must be followed.

Will beats skill.  And last night, the Stars pushed Crosby and Malkin back to the airport with a loss.

I think these guys are starting to believe in themselves.

Welcome, baseball fans.  Perhaps another young team is ready to blossom.

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