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Sturm Blog: Stars Email Bag

by Bob Sturm / Dallas Stars

Bob Sturm

Let's help get you closer to game time during this spring break week with some emails from you!

Hey Bob,

I hate to be the guy that wants to compare a young up-and-comer to a franchise and all-time great; and of course it's way too early for a true comparison --- but Jamie Benn is beginning to show flashes of being the most dominant player on the ice (a la Modano in his younger days --- of course he's not as well rounded, yet).  And it's a different dominance than Richards, who seems to control the game with his head and passing --- Benn is dominating with pure speed and power.

I think this mini stretch without Richards may actually be a blessing in disguise -- Benn is becoming a 20 minute per game player, which can only help down the stretch.

Go Stars,

P1 Jameson

This theme keeps coming up in my email box.  At first, I did not care for this comparison because you are basically comparing Jamie Benn with the greatest player in franchise history.  No pressure, #14. 

But, I will admit this much.  There are moments in every game recently where he does things we have not seen in years.  And years ago, when those moments were happening, it was always #9 doing it. 

Benn takes the ice in his own zone and starts picking them up and putting them down in such a way that if you squint you can see Modano's ghost.  Also, his hands in the high slot allow him to settle a pass and get off a shot in traffic.  And, the way that Benn takes the puck from his opponent in the neutral zone and turns and takes off like he was shot out of a cannon. 

I am starting to feel like Benn is a superstar waiting to happen.  I don't know if it is really going to happen because Modano didn't have a flash that lasted a month.  He did it for almost 20 years.  But, Benn seems to have all of the tools and the most important element that he appears to want it. 

However this season ends, playoffs or not, I think we will all remember this year as the season where Jamie Benn went from "nice prospect" to the only guy who causes the phone to be hung up when another team asks for him in a trade.  Benn has been that good.

Hey Bob-

Adam Burish has been such a great addition to the Stars this year.  I love his scrappy, tough play, and I feel he is the perfect player for our 3rd and 4th lines.  I know he’s only signed for 1 more year though, so I wanna know your opinion on if you think the Stars will resign him when his contract is up.  He’s like a second Otter for us, and I believe is a necessary piece if we’re going to make a deep playoff run (fingers crossed).  Do you think Neiuwendyk shares my feelings about him?  Or do you think he’s just a 2 year guy for us?



I share your views on Burish and sure hope that he gets and remains healthy down the stretch.  His effect is clear when you look at the team's record with him in and out of the lineup.  On Sunday, The Stars lost that heartbreaker to the Kings because they conceded a goal in the final :30.  I would think that the Stars would have had Burish and Ott on the ice if Burish were in the lineup to help kill off that game.  Instead, Crawford went offensive with Ribeiro/Morrow/Peterson on the final shift and the puck ended up in the Stars net. 

I have big plans for Burish as he really solidifies the 3rd line properly.  It would not shock me to see them talk extension by the holidays next winter.

So my wife watches American Idol, and I caught a quick glimpse of this kid who I immediately thought was Mike Ribeiro. I thought it was funny and they do look similar. Just thought you would get a laugh out of this.

I never listen to BaD Radio,


I'm Bob Sturm, and I support this email.


Been in Dallas for awhile. Been in DFW since the inception of the stars in the metroplex but have not gotten into hockey as much as I have in the past few months.  I blame you that I am now obsessed with this team and you and dans coverage. It's always been in my peripheral but I'm a baseball guy at heart. What you guys bring to the sports talk arena is better than anything else in the metroplex and that includes the musers and hardline in my humble opinion. I want this team to win. I appreciate the passion. Please keep it up.

Long live Benn.

Delete my fantasy hockey folder,


I appreciate the credit/blame for this, but I really believe this team - the 2010-11 Dallas Stars - are very interesting, very entertaining, and very contagious.  They play hard.  They are likable.  They are good.  And most importantly, they never stop fighting for their goals.  There is no game where they quit.  There is nothing that makes them back down. 

That is all we want.  In the words of the great Brett Michaels, "just give me something to believe in". 

And the Stars are doing just that.

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