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Sturm Blog: Observations From Saturday

by Bob Sturm / Dallas Stars
Bob Sturm

Always nice to beat Detroit, although I am not sure I can explain the official explanation about how the ref on the scene said "no goal", the replay booth in Toronto said, "Inconclusive" and then the refs on the scene offer an over-ruling.
It really seems to make very little sense, and if the Stars were on the short end of the stick I would be upset, but I guess we all take the two points and roll on, right?
It was a very nice win from the standpoint that Morrow and Lehtinen exited the game in the 1st Period with injuries, and yet the short bench fought harder and harder and as the game went on the push the Stars gave the Wings was very impressive, and frankly, a resolve to surge in the game we don't see on the road it would seem.
And then, the play in between the pipes....
He's tall, He's Bald, He's Alex Auld
Auld was phenomenal in the 3rd period, overtime, and the shootout.  I really love how confident he looked and the vibe he sent out to the team.
Auld is a guy who was brought in to bring down Marty Turco's work load.  Now, he appears to be the goalie that is playing better than Turco, and we have to address something that most of you are emailing me about.
Who is this team's #1 goalie in 2010-11?
A) Marty Turco
B) Alex Auld
C) Brent Krahn
D) Matt Climie
E) None of the above.
I am not being political here when I answer, "I have no idea".
We should all still admit that Turco is clearly the most proven goaltender, who has a ton of equity and a lot of great memories.  But now, Stars' brass has to decide whether to re-sign the guy at the age of 35 and at the salary he commands.  Surely, they would be asking him to take a substantial haircut from the last contract they offered him.

If not, Auld just turned 29 and will also be a free agent.  Auld, unlike Turco, has never really grabbed the reins of a starting job in his career - despite having quite a few chances.  I like his game, but I certainly wonder about his ability to start more than 25 games in a season.
Krahn, will be 28 this year, and is starting his 7th year in the AHL, and has played 1 period of NHL hockey.  He is a former 1st round pick, but that was in 2000 - the #9 pick of Calgary.
Climie, is just 26, but he is just a few months removed from the ECHL after 4 years at Bemidji State.  He is having a nice year for sure, but I am just not sure the Stars project him as a NHL goaltender, let alone a starter. 
I guess what I am saying is I have no idea about the future.  I assume the brass is looking at options and perhaps we should be prepared for something radical before the deadline if they can find the "next guy" via a trade of some sort.
I have no idea.  But, that leads us back to yesterday and tomorrow.
Because you don't know who your goaltender is next year, I feel you are obligated to ride the "hotter" goaltender.  If Auld is playing better than Turco (and right now he is) then he should continue to play - and he will tomorrow versus Minnesota.
By Tuesday morning, it may be time to get Marty back in there, but the urgency must be about the now, and getting the Stars into the playoffs.  You are not beholden to any one man.  You are beholden to the team.
And leave the 2010 issue to Joe Nieuwendyk and the personnel department.  They have a tough decision to make, but maybe one of these choices will make his decision easier in the next few weeks.



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Author: Bob Sturm

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