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Sturm Blog: Crawford Says It All

by Bob Sturm / Dallas Stars

Bob Sturm

It doesn’t happen very often that I hear a coach’s post game thoughts before I watch a Stars game. But, on Thursday night it happened.

I was busy with World Series activities, but on my way home I listened to Marc Crawford’s 3 minutes of post game thoughts from the Kings 5-2 win. He was clearly not happy with the Stars performance, and I loved that he is willing to say it.

I have now seen the game, but since I am always giving my thoughts on this blog, I wanted to make sure you knew the coach’s thoughts from this one. They are much more interesting than anything I could say about that game:

Marc Crawford – 10/28/10

”Well, to be quite truthful, what I don’t like is that we beat ourselves in both of these last two games. You know we thought we learned the lesson last game and we didn’t. So, um, we have to smarten up and learn the lesson that this is a league where you cannot take even a shift off.

If we think that we are so good that we think we can outskill teams, and we think we can beat teams with pure skill we are sadly mistaken. And our team has to commit to do the right things 60 minutes of every game – 65 minutes if it goes to overtime.

We have to be humble enough to do that on a consistent basis. And yeah, you know what? We had another good performance tonight, but that rings hollow. And those types of comments, as we told the team, that’s not what we are about. We are about being a team that doesn’t beat ourselves and that plays a harder style of game. We have to be better than we were.

We beat ourselves tonight.

You have to be prepared to win the game 1-0. And you don’t give away easy chances like we did. We were well in control and we got back to the game at 1-1 and when we were in control you don’t give up odd man rushes. You don’t try to go on a shift where you are overextended 60 seconds into the shift and you try to get another offensive opportunity. Then you give the other team life. That’s how you get beat.

Teams that end up being playoff teams – which we’re going to be – they don’t beat themselves and we beat ourselves tonight.

And it’s disappointing because we did it last game and didn’t come in here and have to rant and rave last game because we thought we learned the lesson. But we didn’t! Tonight we have to learn the lesson.

On the positive side, it’s a good thing it is happening right now. Because we have a whole season ahead of us to fix it.

But our guys have to get it through their thick skulls that they are not an overly super skilled team.

We are a very good team, that if we don’t out-work the other team, we don’t give ourselves the best opportunity to win.

And we certainly don’t give ourselves an opportunity to win when we are trying to gamble and we are trying to play extended shifts.

Goal scoring is a culmination of a bunch of good habits. You have good habits when you are not fatigued. And if you do the simple things right – all the time. That’s why those clichés are there. Because they work.

And we have to make sure we are about that. That’s the type of team we have.

I love our team. They are a great bunch of guys.

But they have got to commit to do it all of the time.

All of the time.



Couldn't have said it better myself, coach.

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